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  • andybanks

    Been riding all winter on On One Smorgasbord tyres which are great tyres for Calderdale natural trail riding when it’s a bit damp.

    Fancy something faster for the summer now things are drying up on the trails.

    What do you recommend that won’t break the bank? 26″ if that makes a difference.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Michelin are cheap – we have some folding summer / dry2 tyres that were £9 at CRC. Vey light, supple and middle_oab notices the speed.


    Loads, the unfashionable last year’s or older stuff still works fine and is often cheap,


    Take a look at the Specialized range, they’re always good and less money than the competition

    Premier Icon clubby

    These came on my last new bike and I thought I’d bin them pretty quickly but they are a great summer tyre and just put them back on.

    Cheaper rubber compound fine in the dry and wearing well. Don’t know why anyone would pay more for Racing Ralphs.

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Specialized price is even better on Purgatorys or Ground Control if you trade in two old tyres at participating shops


    Michelin Wild Race’R are what you need, absolutely superb on the dryer trails, go up tubeless soooo easy too if that matters to you. I have them in 29er flavour also use in the wetter months the Michelin Wild Grip’R which are equally great. Very underated tyres and being Michelin they are unfashionable so end up very cheap!!!!!

    Part-worn Conti X-King Protection 2.4 for the cost of the postage? Need to do something about my tyre mountain…

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Specialized Captain Control 2.2 is ace, and pretty cheap. Also really like Kenda’s Slant 6 which can be well priced, though it wears pretty fast and is a little bit drifty, no real side knobs, wouldn’t have it on the front (works better than it should in mud, the tread is too low and open for it to clog)


    I’ve got a lovely 2.25 maxxis Aspen folder, as new, yours for £22 posted. Awesome rear tyre, super fast, but rails really well with Ardent style shoulder knobs. I run one on the back paired with an Ardent or Minion most of the year.


    Only 3 days left on the Specialized tyre amnesty
    I got a couple of Purgatorys last week 😀


    Clubby loves his Schwalbe Rapid Robs. I had them on a new bike a while ago and couldn’t find any grip anywhere and absolutely hated them (maybe it’s never dry enough in Scotland). Use Smart Sams now as they’re pretty cheap and never had a problem with them.

    Premier Icon mboy

    Just stuck a Geax Saguaro 2.2″ on the back of my full sus after hearing good things about them…

    Wow! Seriously impressed. Rolls fast as you’d expect to look at it, but there’s serious amounts of grip on offer too. Really good tyre for sure.

    Also liked the Specialized Ground Control I was running recently, again very quick, and assured grip. And another old favourite on the back for summer months is the Maxxis Crossmark, useless in mud but brilliant everywhere else.

    Premier Icon eviljoe


    I would be interested in your X King please… Email in profile!




    Aren’t your Smorgasbords now nicely worn = nice and fast for summer? That’s what I’m doing with my Hans Dampfs.

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