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  • Nissan navara for carting the bikes about?
  • lee93

    Thinking of getting a pickup to cart the bikes about
    Thinking of putting a flat top on it with rails so I can fit 2-3 bike roof racks
    I’ve only got a civic type r so can only fit one bike in
    Don’t want to go down the roof rack option
    Any one running a nissan navara outlaw had any problems
    What’s running costs like ? Any pics with bikes fitted ?
    Any help much appreciated


    Unless you need tow capacity or 4wd – get a van.


    Yeah thought about a van but think the pickup is more car like as this would be the only motor in the house hold

    Premier Icon righog

    I was tempted

    old thread

    ended up buying something else after much thought.


    Combi van then – caddy maxi is more than capible family wagon. Not as cool- but then neithers a pickup unless its an international harvester.

    Test drive a pick up with the kids in the back….they are not carlike really.

    They constant riding a wave choppy ride of an unloaded pickup on leaf springs makes me and many of my colleagues car sick.

    My Next vehicle will likely be a pick up so im pro pick up but i need 4wd and a 2 tonne tow capacity.

    Going to test drive an isuzu rodeo in the new year…..would like one of their new dmax twin tubbys but sequential turbos scare me.


    Get one with FSH, warranty and be prepared to put a new engine in .
    also be prepared to fight nissan about the warranty and wait for an engine to become avsilable. Mine was 5 months off the road.
    When it worked I loved it. I stress when it worked. Also had numerous electronic faults.
    This was a new supplied works vehicle cared for by me.
    I really could not imagine using my own cash to buy one.

    b r

    I’ve only got a civic type r so can only fit one bike in

    Put a tow bar on, then you can carry 3 on a tow bar rack?

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    Navarra we had one at work hideous fuel consumption – you need to tow a bowser behind it. 😯

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    For balance, I ran one for a few years. Drove it to the Alps twice, used it for family holidays.
    Few niggles, but never let me down. I found it to be pretty comfortable.
    Loved just chucking bikes in the back and heading out for a ride.
    Miss it, and I’d buy another in a heart beat.


    b r, you cant put a towbar on a typeR. However, with the seats down, you can easily put 2 bikes inside. I’ve been round the Nurburgring with 2 bikes inside 😆


    Like most Jap’ pick-ups, it’s probably worth buying 1/2 ton of sand to keep in the back. The back will have cart springs and the front will have pogo stick springs. Nothing like a car, especially not a Civic Type R.


    The main downfall is if you have to park the vehicle with the bikes on the back on the way back for food, trip to a&e etc they will be gone. that’s the beauty of a van.

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