Night in a bivi bag in january…….will i die?

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  • Night in a bivi bag in january…….will i die?
  • B.A.Nana

    My take on winter biving is slightly different. I won’t do it unless the forecast is no rain (the occasional wrong forecast you can get away with). So, it’s down, on the grounds it’s lighter/warmer and packs smaller. Your legs don’t need to be that warm, it’s your core that is important. I use a 700gm down sleeping bag (ME Dewline) and a med down duvet jacket with hood, the most versitile combo for camp, cooking and sleeping in (and walking too/from pub). Plus a fresh dry change of baselayer. full length expedition closed cell foam matt (no air mat for winter bivi, they’re not good enough).


    I’d recommend Snugpak slepping bags. Great UK brand (some bags made in UK), good synthetic bags that are tough and do the Expanda Panel that you’ll need for room:

    Expanda Panel


    Try PHD for bags both sleeping and bivvy. They’ll make one to fit both your body size and needs. They are totally ace, Peak based and nice.

    I dont work for them. Have three bags.

    Ton. Alpkit down bag XL hunka. And throw a few of those little hand warmer things in the sleeping bag before you get in …..sorted 😉


    I bivi’d in the hills between Coulags and Torridon and Lochan Fada earlier in the year. Both trips around 6c I was sweating like a pig with cycle shorts/merino base layer in a down bag (suitable for down to around -5c)

    I would guess that without a self inflating mat (I had a Vango lightweight mat that inflates to around 30mm thick) the chill from the ground would go straight through the bivi and sleeping bag and you’d soon be wrestling around to keep warm by sliding back onto the mat (also can be a bit tricky when your arms are by your side and you are on off camber ground!)

    For my next bivi I plan to make a trough to lay down in.There’s a few small pebbled beaches around Lochan Fada that will hold the inflatable mat well. This should spread the body weight out well without feeling like I’m sleeping on three points of my body at any given time! (like what happened by choosing the wrong spots next to rocks on exposed mountains with rocks digging into my back :O/)

    ALso go for a full length mat, your feet will still freeze hanging off the end of a short mat,with merino socks,a down bag and bivi bag between you and the ground. Its bad enough in summer.

    Edit: Use ear plugs for a silent night. The stars,sattelites,meteors etc are amazing to watch before crashing.Upon waking there’s no midges (If you plan on coming up here), and the fresh air will mean one of the best nights sleep you’ve had in years – possibly a lifetime so it’ll all be worth it.


    I’ve done lots of winter bivvying. A synthetic bag is definitely the way to go…even if it’s not wet the temperature difference inside to out, creates a lot of condensation as much as a pint and that mostly will stay in the bag, even a gore Tex need to keep bag open as much as possible to aid ventilation

    Premier Icon ton

    alpkit hunka xl bought
    alpkit base mat bought
    tiny tiny gas stove bought
    cooking mug bought
    2 season snugpac kipbag bought
    silk liner bought
    got thermals and warm clobber for kipping in

    need a lightweight tarp…….or should i try and wing it?


    2 season snugpac kipbag

    😯 2 season bag or am i reading that wrong? whats the rating?

    I’ve got a huge spare tarp you could borrow/share if the weathers looking appropriate


    Night in a bivi bag in january…….will i die?

    2 season snugpac kipbag bought

    YES 😯

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    Yes if you sleep in a low spot. A flash flood will drown you! (Based on recent weather patterns)


    Hello Ton,

    Élan Valley and Rhyader you lucky guy. Get yourself into Élan Cyclery, Clive Powells place. It used to be a pub and is now a bike shop,still sells some beer though. Speak to Clive or Neil, they will give you good advice on the pub to visit as they can be a bit hit miss at times. Back in the day it was the Cornhill for beer and a good feed. There was was twelve pubs until recently for a town of 2000.

    For those that were around on bike then, Clive’s place was pretty much the first place in the Uk that offered mtb holidays and used the phrase “dirty weekend” related to mountain bikes. really great place for rides in lonely places with big sky’s and massive views.

    Given the recent weather, if there is now change in the constant rain it will be really wet on the hills. Have fun.

    Ps how did you get on with this years Yorkshire tour?


    Might be a bit boring, unless you are planning to keep moving after dark
    next question was, any good pubs in Rhayader?

    The Eagles in Rhayader is awesome!
    The owner is a hunter, and they serve rabbit, wood pigeon, duck, wild boar, crocodile, kangaroo, and all the usuals….!,

    Premier Icon ton

    i was joking about the 2 season bag, i missed a 😉 off.

    mt, tour of yorkshire was fantastic, 7 days 80% offroad.

    beefheart, that sound like it is worth a visit, cheers

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