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    Can’t seem to get the stw mini movies to play on this new tablet, do I need to use an app?


    I’m pretty sure the Nexus doesnt support Flash (a la iPad).

    Can anyone confirm? I’m thinking of getting one.


    They seem to play on my Nexus 4.

    It was working but recent updates seem to have stopped it. I’ll look into it.

    In the meantime –
    tap and hold the movie image and select “open in new tab”.
    Flip over to the new tab and enjoy.

    Re: Nexus 4 I’ve just tested and same instructions apply

    No Flash on the Nexus but most vimeo and youtube videos are served with HTML5 alternatives.


    Don’t work on my Nexus 10 either on 4.2.1 and Chrome. or my HTC Sensation on 4.0.3 with chrome or stock Orange browser.

    Edit: I didn’t read the instructions from Patrick, they work fine and I am happy with doing that.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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