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  • New Zealand Revisited
  • Am off the NZ at easter, not been for three years and have not ridden there since erm 1997! Will be in Auckland and want to venture back to Rotura and do the Tongario trail again.

    Has anyone been of late?
    Any thoughts/experiences on local trails around Auckland etc. is riverhead still ride able.

    cheers in advance!


    I was in NZ last October, from Auckland I rode at Woodhill Forest


    and Rotorua at Whakarewarewa Forest


    Get the most recent version of the book from the kennett brothers and you should be set gets regular reprints and updates.


    Spent 4 weeks in NZ over the Summer. Did not ride around Auckland bit did manage some riding at Rotorua at Whakarewarewa Forest which was better than anything I have ever had the pleasure of riding before. Chap who worked there was very helpful too. They sell a trail map which is printed on material so you can scrunch it up in your pocket and it doesn’t get spoiled, called a “manky”. You need a map (on a hanky) as the park is enormous!

    Then rode a bit around Wellington, on Mont Victoria. Very steep but great fun.

    Finished off around Queenstown, on Dewers Peak and some of the Devils creek trail. Got a bit snowy though…

    Lots of lovely riding. Locals all looked at me like I was mad as I wanted to ride in the “middle of Winter”, and the fact that I took my own bike with me as it was cheaper than hiring one there…


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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