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  • My pick up’s (ISUZU Hi Lander) rear tires edges are ‘raggedy’. There’s still a lot of tread and the tread depth/wear is even on all 4 tires so I don’t think it’s a worn component or tracking/camber issue.

    It’s the edge of the tire that, when the tire is touching the ground, is at the rear. The front edge of the tread pattern if you’re looking down on the tire.

    The tires seem to be in a generally good state. No bulges cracks etc. The material doesn’t seem crumbly or otherwise problematic.

    The tires are BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A KO, 265/170R16 112T.

    I don’t want to replace them needlessly; they’re a long way from not having enough tread and it’d cost 500GBP. I also don’t want to crash!

    Should I (a local garage, considering the weight of the buggers) rotate the tires? Should I replace them? Honestly, I wouldn’t trust a mechanic’s opinion here in Thailand. Esp. one who stands to sell me something!

    I’ve tried to take some pictures, but they came out terribly.

    Thanks a lot


    Feathery, ragged outside edges on the rears is most likely a tracking or alignment problem. How do the inner edges look? If the wear is only on the outer edges you’ve got too much toe-in on the rear, or not enough negative camber. Hopefully at least one of those things is adjustable.


    TYRES not tires! Grrrrsnarrrlgnash!….


    Live rear axel if the hilanders anything like the rodeo robin so wont be any adjustment on the rear i wouldmt have thought

    Id look at tire pressures and control arm bushes – with wheel bearing adjustment/replacement in a close third.

    Also check your front tyres , are they showing similar signs of ware , its possible your fronts have already been swapped to rear and are just continuing to wear as they had started on the front.

    Even more so it might be possible the front tracking was out and when they had it adjusted the garage stuck the front tires on the back.

    Big trucks are pretty forgiving to tracking misadjustment anyhoo , i do mine on the drive with 2 tape measures , 2 x 3 ft bits of wood and 4 bricks and have had no adverse wear over many miles. They are not tollerant of worn bushes and ball joints thought , once they start to go you have about 7 seconds to get it fixed before it wants to throw you off the road.


    I did suspect it might be live axle rear, in which case, as you say it won’t be that if both are doing it.

    Having googled what a live rear axle is, I’ll go out in the morning and check (it’s 1930 here now).

    All 4 tyres looked good when we got the truck in August. The front don’t have any signs of wear. The truck spends 90% of its life in RWD.

    The rear wear is even across the whole width of the tyre but, again, I’ll have to see if the raggedy edge issue is across the width when it’s light.

    Thanks for the replies.

    I’ll post back with photographs / more info.

    p.s. the tyres / tires was auto correct on my phone 😉

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