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  • Premier Icon northshoreniall

    Anyone tried Northwave Mission shoes? Need new shoes as my 661 spd’s are numbing my toes after 1/2hr on the bike and they knocking on a bit.

    Tried some Shimano MT41’s at weekend and my size, 42, were too tight across top of foot and size 43’s allowed me pull foot out with little effort so don’t think Shimano sizes are going to work for me.

    Any recommendations welcome, tried the above missions earlier were good fit, not bad price, looking to spend £70ish. Only potential issue think is are quite soft soled as are “bike and hike shoe??”.

    Not looking race shoe, sort of do it all comfy spd compatible, just too many choices
    Confused of newcastle

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    spec BG Comp brilliant shoes

    Premier Icon northshoreniall

    the look nice, will have to see if anywhere local has any to try. Velcro/ ratchet better than laces? Suppose can prevent overtightness of laces easier.

    Premier Icon peteimpreza

    Make sure you try some Spesh before you buy.

    Iain Gillam

    I found Northwave very different fit wise to Spesh and Shimano. I couldn’t get a size that was comfy so might be a problem if you like the fit of either of the above.



    Yep, I swear by Spesh shoes too. Never had a problem with them. They seem to size up bigger than Shimano size-for-size, last really well and spares are readily available. Good value too I reckon.


    I didn’t find the Spesh shoes that good TBH, Northwave are good as are sidi, shimano are very small sizes i.e. you need at least one size biger than normal.
    Using these at the mo which are v good IMO.

    Premier Icon northshoreniall

    cheers guys, will try some spec tomorrow/ at weekend


    I have some Spesh Comp shoes which I have worn every day for 2.5 years on and off road. I’ve had to replace one of the buckles as the spring went, they have a little more give in them now but the ratchets and velcro still work.
    Much better than laces in my opinion as they are quicker to put on and allow more quick adjustability when needed. the sole isn’t the stiffest, but it means you can walk around in them.
    I might be tempted to try something else when I get some new ones, but will probably get another pair (even thought they’re 50% more expensive now).

    Premier Icon MrGreedy

    I also got some of the ones catnash linked to in the sale, that really is a cracking deal. The carbon sole is very stiff indeed, nearly as good as my Shimano roadie shoes (which were twice the price) but with a small amount of flex in the toes. I’ve not used them on any long rides yet but on previous Spesh shoes the “body geometry” features have been genuinely noticeable in reducing hot spots and soreness.

    The fit suits my fairly broad feet, and I’d echo what others say about sizing – I take a 48 in Shimano but a 47 in Specialized.

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