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  • New Saddle ? Which one ?
  • discoduck

    I’ve seen a Charge Spoon with a Flouro Yellow under carriage and a black top, its one of the new two piece ones, basically I need a new saddle and my new steed in tennis ball yellow so I wouldn’t mind continuing the black & Yeller theme ?

    I’m thinking they will be out with the 2014 stuff in the Autumn ?

    Has anyone seen any for sale ?


    Premier Icon timmys

    Not sure what you are after…

    its one of the new two piece ones

    …suggests you mean a Scoop not a Spoon?

    Not seen a Scoop in that colour. Spoons however you can customise into pretty much any colour combo you want;

    Premier Icon deadkenny

    There was the Spoon limited edition with the orange snot belly and faux leather black top. You missed that though. Was a Wiggle £10 deal with free orange bar grips and a bag. Bargain. I got two 😛

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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