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  • New runs under the Super Morzine/Zores
  • Sancho

    awesome arent they, we have been hitting them all, some of my favourite runs in the porte de soleil.

    have you tried all the different runs dropping from the fire road just above the morzine bubble lift.
    the one that ends up at the waterfall is my fave for the variety of terrain

    Premier Icon nickjb

    We usually finish our day on the Morzine side and drop down via goat village and Lac Mondrian which is pleasant enough. As they have put some new runs in under the Zores chair we thought we’d give that a go. They were great. Well maintained and no breaking bumps at all at the top. They went rather rutty at the bottom but still rideable. Is there an easyish route from the bottom of the chair under the Super Morzine somewhere back to town? The black was a bit much for our mixed, xc biked group and the off-piste we tried was very steep and rooty.

    Premier Icon MoreCheeseGromit

    There is an easier route down.

    From memory (i haven’t ridden a mountain bike there for 4 years) If you go to the top of the Zore chair, Then you follow the wide track off to the left away from the the top of the chair (north west ish) you can follow some tracks that will take you down and bring you out about half way to Montriond on the other side of the wobbly bridge to Morzine

    This garmin trace I did doesn’t show that route from the top of Zore but at least it should give you an idea where the track is as this route approaches it from a different direction.

    Garmin Morzine Ride

    Premier Icon jameso

    the one that ends up at the waterfall

    Run of the Mill? Love that trail. Not ridden there for a few years but it was a fave then. Not an ‘easy’ trail but nothing super techy if it’s dry.


    There is zig zag which is easier…. It’s a mellow fire road. You can pick it up from the end of the trails under zorre in the direction away from avoriaz, where you see huts near the start of the chair, they sit on that fire road. It also passes right round the back of the super m top lift station but you have to pedal up for 2 mins

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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