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  • New job – bike commute on Leeds Liverpool Canal from Barrowford to Rosegrove?
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    Will I die on route?

    Does anyone use this route as a commute? I have a new job starting at the end of September near Rosegrove (between Burnley and Padiham) and would like to cycle in a few times per week. Whilst I doubt the L/L canal towpath is the idyllic ride I have pictured I have in my head, I wondered if anyone used it or am I likely to spend my time avoiding dog walkers, sapless youths, winos, dog bombs etc? I’d prefer to keep off the main roads if possible.

    Any help appreciated!


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    Most of the towpath has been cleaned of dog shit recently, pretty grim previously.
    Surface is pretty variable.
    Have done bits of it on 23mm tyres but it wasn’t pleasant.

    Burnley stretch ok, the odd group of pissed kids hanging around later on, dog walkers etc.
    Pretty well used.
    Never felt unsafe, tbh.

    You have to leave the path where the canal disappears for a while at junction 10 of the motorway – broken bottles placed upright on the cyclepath last week, not for the first time.

    Most urban canals don’t exactly show the prettiest parts of towns, this one’s no exception.
    It’s mostly clean (for now) and keeps you off the road, but it’s not going to make your heart sing.

    Interested to hear how you get on.

    Premier Icon johni
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    Thanks very much. I’ll give it a bash. Hardtail with semi slicks I think then.

    Premier Icon plumber
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    I’ve done this a lot in my
    Life Definately doable. Though on windy days it’s a bit exposed

    On balance though the Nelson burnley road is faster and easier.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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