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  • New jacket time, thoughts?
  • Am very tempted by the Endura Convert softshell myself, although I dunno if it’d be too warm.

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    If you want the hood then the Rab Demand might be worth a look, but it’s only got a 1/2 zip so it’s not quite as flexible as the Endura. The Pace 3×3 might also be worth a go if you’re not sold on the hood. Both eVent fabric and available in a discreet grey.

    Neither has pit-zips though – I think the eVent fabric is meant to make these unnecessary, but I still sweat like a sweaty thing in my Gill eVent jacket.

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    The new waterproof Gore-Tex Active Shell is just appearing – Gore Bikewear has a couple of jackets made from it in their range – and is very good. As in much more breathable than anything else Gore makes. Subjectively on a par with eVent. But expensive.

    Thanks, BWD. Cost isn’t an issue, I just want something really good!

    Purist, I have heard that re eVent and the lack of pit zips, but if you’re riding all year round, I reckon some sort of ventilation is vital.

    Anyone got any current recommendations for a new jacket? Needs to be the following;
    Not fluo yellow!
    Breathable and well ventilated, pitzips if possible (Hence my preference for eVent if possible. Have tried everything else and it’s just more breathable for me. I run rather warm!)
    Nice loose(ish) cut (Am not exactly a racing snake! 🙂 )

    Am pondering the Endura MT500, which seems to be in their own version of eVent, so any opinions on that woudl be most welcome! Failing that, what else can you recommend?


    As far as my research goes, there isn’t a single eVent jacket on the market with pitzips, so if they are a must you need to look at other waterproofing systems.


    The Mavic Neptune is very good and waterproof with wrist and pit vents + a back vent + a nice big pocket on the back.

    Don’t think they put pit zips on event jackets as they’re meant to be more breathable anyway. I’ve got a Rab Momentum, not strictly an MTB jacket more for adventure racing, but works well enough.


    I really like my Endura Convert II decently waterproof, removable sleeves to turn it into a gilet if it gets warmer than expected and it is exceptionally well ventilated. Mines lasted well through two winters now.

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    Montane Superfly here – think it’s a lightweight climbing jacket but works v well as an MTB jacket too.

    No pit zips but as others say it doesn’t really seem to need them.

    Waterproofing lasted a few years, just re-proofed and it’s working great again.

    Premier Icon mustard

    TT101 – code for an extra 10% off jackets at cyclesurgery today.


    I bought the Mavic Creek jacket, which is just awesome for when it’s just pouring down. I wouldn’t consider it a jacket to wear always.

    1. Light
    2. Breathable
    3. Under arm zips
    4. Front mesh zip (so basically you zip up two zips when putting it up. The first zip is basically a 2 inch wide mesh which you can keep open when going up hill.
    5. Front full zip – when going down hill – zip the full zip up which then covers the mesh.
    6. The back of the jacket can expand with two zips up the whole length of the back almost, which means in theory you should be able to fit a thinner camelback type backpack underneath (instead of on top).
    7. It covers most of my bumbag which I typically use for riding too.

    It’s just an awesome jacket but it typically only comes out when it’s raining properly.


    Another vote here for the Montane Superfly jacket.


    Using a Montane Velocity.
    Don’t know how it compares to others, but it does what it’s meant to do without issue.
    I’ve only used it for road training.
    Light, fits in back pocket.
    Good cycle specific fit…even for me.
    Full zip
    Front and rear adjustable hem as well as sleeves.
    Handy chest pocket
    Just a good little jacket. Unlike my last one I don’t feel the need to wait until it’s really pishing down before I put it on.


    I’ve been riding in a Haglofs endo active shell jacket and so far I’m very impressed. Very light, packable, an super breathable. Personally it seems a bit better than event, but that may only be because the face is lighter. Well worth a look. Really good slim cut too with long arms.

    If you like the idea of activeshell then berghaus are doing a simple hoodless one for £140 this winter. Cut will be fairly basic though I’d imagine.


    tlr – how have you found the cuffs on the Endo?

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    If you like the idea of activeshell then berghaus are doing a simple hoodless one for £140 this winter. Cut will be fairly basic though I’d imagine.

    It’s quite streamlined, good on the road, though it’s primarily intended as a running jacket. Zip is a bit fiddly and lightweight, looks fragile and is fiddly with cold hands and grit ingress.

    I’m not sure about the cuffs on the Endo either. Thumb-loops, a soft shell palm and Lycra bound. I’d expect the Lycra binding to fray and die with hard use, though they’re just on the back of the hand, so maybe less vulnerable there. Really nice, sleek cut though and a decent drop-tail.


    I think the eVent fabric is meant to make these unnecessary, but I still sweat like a sweaty thing in my Gill eVent jacket

    No idea what world the designers live in but in mine I sweat like a pig in my eVent jacket. Hense it only come out in proper downpours, I live with being damp otherwise, as it’s no different to being sweaty in my book. To the point last year I got a cheap Decathlon softshell for the winter, as it waterproof enough and has pitzips (too heavy to pack though) – so does a better job 90% time compared to my eVent jacket.
    Massively pissed I didn’t buy the Gill eVent jacket with pitzip before Wiggle swallowed em up & made the cheaper version without them (then the DHB version).

    PS: If anyone finds one (eVent/pitzips), please let me know..

    the Gill eVent jacket with pitzip before Wiggle swallowed em up

    That’s what I’m replacing! Lost it somewhere…!


    BTW cycle surgery has a timeout tuestday 10% off their sales and non-sale jackets:


    Another vote for the Montane Velocity here. Does the job just fine.


    Cuffs on the endo seem fine so far, it’s not been used all that much though to be fair – I’ll let you know after Kielder….

    At least the arms are pretty long ( in order for the thumb loops to work), and I like the idea of being able to cover the gap between gloves and jacket by using the thumb loops. The soft-shell fabric will last longer than gore if used for gripping the handlebars anyway.

    Might keep a few midges out….

    Premier Icon stevomcd

    Very happy with my Rab Drillium. Not quite bike-specific, but has a bike-friendly cut (drop-tail, etc.). eVent.


    got a gore fusion, very nice although very expensive (i got it when worked in a bike shop)

    colonel wax


    However I’m using one of these as it’s a bit longer in the body than some of the american brands. Roll away hood, no pit zips, but pretty pleased. Mostly used on my Brompton and off bike but nice to have the hood when it’s a bit nasty.

    You can get decent ones in tk maxx. I got this wicked Alpinestars jacket with breathable vents for £7 in TK Maxx. Was chuffed!

    colonel wax

    TK Maxx is ok if you can be bothered trawling through it – I got a Nike ACG Paclite jacket for £17 from there, cut the hood off it and leave it in my B bag.

    Plus points:
    It was cheap
    It has pit zips.

    Bad points:
    Goretex Paclite isn’t particularly breathable
    Its orange.


    Altura Night Vision Evo @ Merlin… ?
    About £60 with VIP discount. Lot of jacket for not much dosh… tempted with one meself… all review I’ve read are positive…
    Oh – the ‘night vision’ bit = plenty of reflective bits but they do have a Black fabric version…


    I adore my hooded MT500 but I wouldn’t call it packable.

    Andituk, will it roll up small enough to be strapped on to the back of a pack? Doesn’t need to be teeny tiny!

    Thanks for that CS link, foxy. They don’t have anything I like enough….. Great staff, though….. 😉

    colonel, you’ve seen the contents of my wardrobe, I see! 🙂

    Thanks all, great input so far.

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