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  • New hope gear
  • Does anyone know when the new hope stuff will be in the shops
    ie pedals,crank arms,chain guides and chain rings?

    Premier Icon Paulio

    I asked Hope about the chainrings at the cycle show and they said that they had just started to be manufactured so will be in the shops in the coming weeks. Not sure about the other bits though.

    Hopefully the pedals are in for Xmas. And hopefully the Mrs is reading this.


    Hopefully their new range will continue to be backed up with legendary customer support when it breaks

    Premier Icon njee20

    Be better if it just didn’t break really!

    Their chain guide looked nice though, should be good and stiff I guess, and definitely a growing market there.


    I asked Hope about the pedals and they said next year, also asked a bike shop I use which get great info and they said the pedals would be available to trade in January so will basically be on sale to the public in February.

    Cheers guys I’ll start saving for the bling

    Any news on their cassette?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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