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  • trail_rat

    need new headphones-my jvc folding noise canceling headphones worked grand but have died after 2 years hard use – they are duct taped together at each folding part(creatively as they still fold up) but the lead pulled out of the jack the other day

    they get used in the office and when traveling so smaller is better. No in ear headphones please as they get painful after a couple house no matter what buds are used.

    must fold , hardcase prefered but not essential – used mostly with iphone/ipad/airplane entertainment centres so sound quality doesnt need to be “brilliant” but good is better – mostly listen to classic rock and DnB if that makes any difference.

    Budget – 50 british pounds.


    I have my pair of these: Audio Technica ATH M 35on right now, as I do most all day every day. They are closed so have great bass and no-one else can hear it. You an just about notice if someone wants your attention though. Great build; fold up into a soft case; very nice balanced sound.

    Premier Icon finishthat

    I’ll second the AKG’s, great sound/ value


    I just went to richer sounds and got the dark blue akg 452’s which have a mic that works with android. Nice.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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