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  • bamford

    Dan, 22, 5′ 7″, always been into MTB, but I think it’s time for a bloody good one…
    So i’m looking to build a new steed up for summer,
    Thinking a hardtail, 140mm, 1×9, nothing overly light,
    I currently ride BMX but I need something that I can put a few miles on,
    without coming home crucified! 😀

    I’ve looked at a few on CRC,
    But unsure as to what size frame to get,
    due to me being a buy and get used to it kind of guy :S

    Oh yeah HELLO! 🙂

    Premier Icon jimmy

    Errrm, are you in New Zealand?

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    hola, welcome to the mad house 😆

    Errrm, are you in New Zealand?

    My thoughts to.

    Hi and welcome 😀 But never call it a steed, full-bouncer or any other of that magazine verbal diarrhea. It’s a bike, bicycle, or dandyhorse,

    Premier Icon Leku

    crc £1000

    16 ” Ragley Piglet X7 Hardtail Bike

    Get something else to take price over£1000 and use £100 of voucher = £9000

    Now available as a complete bike package, the ever-popular Piglet comes in X9 or X7 modes. Choose from SRAM X9 2×10, RockShox Sektor R fork and Avid Elixir brakes or SRAM X7 3×10, RockShox Recon forks and Hayes Stroker Ryde brakes. Our “Three Finger” chainstay bridge, Ragley trail geometry, custom Fathead tubing and compatibility with 30.9mm dropper seatposts are standard.
    • Piglet Frame with custom Fathead tubing
    • Groupset: SRAM 2011 X7 3×10
    • Forks: RockShox Recon
    • Brakeset: Hayes Stroker Ride
    • Wheelset: Ragley “Turning Circle”
    • Tyres: Maxxis High Roller
    • “Three Finger” chainstay bridge allows massive tyre clearance
    • Compatible with 30.9mm dropper seatposts

    Do you like octopi?

    rob jackson

    eh up buddy, probable need a small or a medium depending on torso length. Probably top end of a small.

    Try to find a small Ragley Mmmbop and stick some pikes or revs on it. Dead light frame and very good fun.

    BTW call it what the **** you want

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    G’day. As a BMXer you should consider a rigid single speed mtb. No point in wasting all that conditioning. 🙂


    Is this speed dating?


    DMR trailstar, or whatever the equivilent is now. Or a 456?


    Welcome! got a bike like that myself. Pha5e. I love it and call it my steed. 😉


    In ye olde west yorshire,
    Now ‘dandyhorse’ that’s brilliant! 😀

    Had a look at the piglet x7, looks great for the money, but i’m liking the butchness of the mmmbop, i’ve seen some inspiring builds on ‘myragley’

    And a singlespeed rigid would sound ideal, but there is some major hills near me…


    Get something else to take price over£1000 and use £100 of voucher = £9000

    this is really the bargain of a lifetime. i can mediate the sale if you want, just send me the 9 grand.

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    bamford – Member
    …And a singlespeed rigid would sound ideal, but there is some major hills near me…

    Hills are what makes singlespeeds fun. Flat stuff is boring. Give it a few weeks, you can always waste money on gears later.

    Or looking at it another way, the money you save by not buying gears and suspension means you can buy a much better frame and wheels and your bike won’t be worn out after a years hard use.

    Take a look at one of your locals On-One.

    Premier Icon alexpalacefan


    You know it makes sense 🙂


    Welcome by the way


    if i was to run rigid, singlespeed,
    what fork length is needed from 120mm to 140mm?

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