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  • Quick answer for now. Yes the hoods are normally set higher as you spend most of the time on them and very little in the drops except for steep steep slopes. As you’ve noticed this can actually be quite comfy.

    Pressures, well I’m 73kg and run my clinchers at 27-32 psi when they’re my spare race wheels and about 60psi for long days riding gravel/pave roads.

    Play around and see what works for you, there is plenty of time until the season stats to get it feeling right.

    Edit: nice bike btw


    The hoods look fine how they are. If you are returning to road bikes after a few years then you may notice that the general trend is to have the hoods higher.


    Looks ok, is it comfy? That is probably most important.

    Tyre pressure, anywhere between 30 and 60psi depending on conditions. 30 for muddy racing, 60 for road and 40-50 for general riding with rocks and roots.

    Try 50psi and let some air out until they feel right. Put some back in if you get a pinch flat.


    My first ever cross bike has arrived today, it’s 2nd hand to me but almost brand new! The only thing I have to compare it against is my 1998 Ribble road bike, and things have moved on a bit since then.

    I’ll be using it for cummuting, and a few local cross races next season hopefully, and maybe the 3 peaks.

    What angle should the bars be at, they feel more comfy than my old bars, but the hoods feel ‘high’. Are they supposed to be for off road riding?

    I’ve dropped the seat about 1″ from the pic, but again should cx bikes be arse up head down, or bars/saddle more at a level?

    Finally what type of pressures should you ride off road, I weigh approx 80kg.

    Any other advice appreciated


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    I’ve found 50psi a good compromise for my Cotic X (Conti Cyclocross Race 35c). Not too draggy on the road and not too brutal over the cobbles. I was running 35psi initially but pranged the rear rim. doh!

    I’m still experimenting with the position of the hoods. Having them higher puts me in a much more comfortable position but comprises brake lever position on the drops and I have been getting a bit of pain at the base of my hand (not sure if this has anything to do with the hood angle or if it’s just my hands aren’t used to drops).


    Thanks for the advice. I will try and get out on it tonight…armed with some allen keys !

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