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    I assume the shop checked it over and made sure everything is tight, the forks are on the right way round (we’ve all seen it) and all the other new bike fettling bits.

    Your brakes probably just need bedding in, as you know this I assume you know how to do it (and I’m assuming they’re disc brakes).

    Other than that, get out and ride it, then you’ll know what needs fettling. If its saddle/bars/stem then change one thing at a time ’til you know what works.

    If you can’t get out and just want to fettle, and the bike is brand new, de-grease the chain then re-lube properly, otherwise it’ll attract dirt like a, well, like a greasy, sticky thing that attracts dirt.

    Enjoy, new bike time is great.


    Yes I think the shop did the checks, I am not sure they all do by the state of my brothers new bike.
    Disks are new to me, my last bike I got new over ten years ago (GT LTS), so had V’s on it. Just read the manual for the new one as I cant do much else. All very exciting.


    Yes I think the shop did the checks

    call me un-trusting if you will but I like to go over these things myself 🙂


    OK what are they?
    check all nuts and bolts
    play in head set? wheels?
    check gear alignment etc
    spoke tension
    don’t think I have the tools for the crank


    I have just picked up my new bike. what should I do to it before I ride it.
    I have put some helicopter tape on bits of it, tried as best I can to set up the sag.
    brakes seem crap but I guess that’s just bedding in or should I realign them?

    anything else? I can’t get out on it at the moment as all my family are ill!!!

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    Setting up the controls to suit you should get most of the important bolts checked. Check brake caliper/rotor bolts are tight, otherwsie aslong as the pads aren’t rubbing they should be ok (keep any lube well away from rotors). Definitley check QR shafts are greased, maybe add grease to headset bearings if you can be bothered. Wheels should be fine but get ’em retrued once bedded in – if its a brand new bike the shop generally does a 2 week service free, spoke/gear cable re-tension and a quick once over make sure nowts wrong.

    Get the sag sorted properly, 15-30% depending on your riding (less sag for better pedalling, more for better downhilling) and have a mess around with damping – but if the shop set it up for you write down how it is setup before you twiddle the knobs so you can get back to how it was if you screw up.

    Not sure about the degrease the chain comment, maybe give the chain a wipe with a rag to prevent it attracting too much dirt but if Sheldon Brown reckoned the stuff chains come with is good lube I’m happy with it.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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