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  • New bike is tubeless – what do I need?
  • mudmonster

    It does dry out over time but that depends on conditions apparently. You can just pull a bit of tyre off the rim to put in more sealant. Tube in bag is a good idea just in case.

    Bit of sealant and a squirter for putting some in occasionally? Tube in bag just in case? Anything else?

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Some sealant to replace over time at home.
    A tube (or 2) in your bag with a pump.

    A tube with slime as on the rare occasion you do need to stick one in, you’ll struggle to find all the thorns in the carcass that have been sealed.

    A tubeless repair kit, so on the rare occasion it doesn’t seal, you can simply plug the tyre from the outside and avoid removing anything.

    Remembering to keep riding, and if that fails, stop and spin the wheel/allow the sealant to pool over the hole. No point watching it hiss away whilst the hole is at the highest point of the tyre, get the sealant where it needs to be 🙂

    Premier Icon rickmeister

    Get a valve core removal tool and buy Schwalbe tubes. The valves on these are also removable.

    If the tubeless valve gums up with sealant you can simply remove the core, clean it up and refit without removing or disturbing the tyre bead. Also, pop the valve core out to add sealant.

    Carry a schwalbe tube and if somthing goes wrong with the valve whilst your out, like it cant be undone, or the small bit gets bent… use the core tool to swap things over from your spare tube with minimum fuss…


    Is it already set up as tubeless, or supplied tubeless ready?

    It’s coming set up as tubeless.

    My spare tube is a Maxxis one with a removable valve core so that should be ok. Might even have a Slime one somewhere.

    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    Special tubeless pants, I never ride my bike tubeless without them. That and above covers it.

    Regards topping up, didn’t touch them all winter but one month of dry thorny trails and found I’d not a drop of sealant left in both tyres.

    Premier Icon D0NK

    you’ll struggle to find all the thorns in the carcass that have been sealed

    only had this once*, normally you’ll see a big glob of sealant around any holes that have been repaired so should be easy to spot.

    I always carry 2 tubes but never been unfortunate enough to flat both tubeless tyres.
    Sealant top up depends on tyres/conditions but UST and TR tyres I reckon about once a year, porous tyres and bike kept next to radiator or out in the cold and it’ll probably be more often.

    *and it was a massive wood screw, if I’d actually looked instead of just bunging a tube in I’d have spotted it.

    Tubeless pants…what brand are best?

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