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  • Never mind the gloom, how about some “Reasons to be cheerful”?
  • Premier Icon CaptainFlashheart
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    Let’s hear what’s making you cheerful at the moment!

    From yours truly;
    Sun is shining
    It’s Friday
    I’m off to the gym for a swim in a bit
    Skimpy bikinis are the swimwear flavour of the month at the gym
    My basil is ready to be potted out and looks really good
    Going for a beer with an old friend I’ve not seen for an age later
    I won a tenner on the lottery the other day
    Did I mention it was Friday?

    So, what’s cheering you?

    Premier Icon uplink
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    I got to test a new GPS/data burst device by riding around Dalby this morning – & got paid for it 😀

    Premier Icon stilltortoise
    Full Member

    I reckon the title of this post would make a good song 😉

    Premier Icon stilltortoise
    Full Member

    Oh and I’m off to Spain for 10 days next Thursday. Staying with family so lots of chilling by the pool, beers, olives, crisps and all that other nice food that gives me some oomph for a bit of riding whilst I’m there

    Premier Icon noteeth
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    I’m on leave from the madhouse and have retreated to the Noteeth seniors in South Devon, twenty minutes from the coast. The sun is shining – and there are plenty of bottles o’ Otter stacked up ready to go. The family hoover (i.e. black lab) is demanding to be walked all over them thar hills n’ beaches. Plus, the only bike I keep here is my faux-clunker Raleigh USA cruiser – just made for repackin’ down steep, overgrown country lanes. Oh, and the village pub is twenty metres away.

    Monday must not be allowed to arrive… 😀

    Premier Icon mogrim
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    * It’s Friday
    * I’m meeting up with a mate I haven’t seen for ages to go for a ride tomorrow
    * Any reasons to envy stilltortoise are neatly offset by the weather forecast 🙂

    Premier Icon RudeBoy
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    WPOTY yesterday has really perked me up. Great bit of sensory therapy.

    A relationship I thought was over, apparently is not. Which is brilliant, because it was/is wonderful.

    Couple of things work-wise have popped up this week, which were unexpected, but very welcome.

    Me shoulder is a lot better, which means I’ll be able to start going swimming and gym again.

    The sun is shining, and I’m meeting up with a couple of mates later, whereupon we shall probbly go to somewhere like Greenwich Park, and ogle lovely things there.

    I’m not in debt, I have a roof over my head, clothes on my back, enough food to eat, and people in my life who love me.

    And I’m not allergic to beer.

    Life ain’t too bad, really.

    Premier Icon nickegg
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    Getting married a week on Sunday then a 2 week honeymoon in the Alps 😀

    and……just booked an awesome spanish guitarist for the whole evening.

    Premier Icon Anna-B
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    I’ve been given a new spring to fix my sofa with.
    I got given two chairs that I can use in the garden.
    I sold two photos this week.
    Have a muddy bike to make all clean and shiny.
    Shortbread to make.
    And Purbecks tomorrow!

    Nice thread CFH 🙂

    Premier Icon stilltortoise
    Full Member

    ahhh, I like this thread. It should be provided FOC and without prescription 🙂

    Premier Icon finbar
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    I’ve been for four rides in the past six days, and i’ll be out tomorrow and Sunday as well.

    Premier Icon ton
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    it is friday
    i am riding a new bike(to me) this weekend
    i am riding this weekend
    i am going to the cinema with mrs ton tonight
    we are going for noodles later
    i am going to the pyrenees in 2 week
    i made a grand this morning
    i can spend all day on here
    i am meeting more stwrs this weekend. 8)

    Premier Icon samuri
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    I have no work this weekend apart from tonight till midnight and then the weekend is mine. Which makes a nice change.
    I have a day pass from my wife ‘all day’ on Sunday. Still trying to decide where to go.
    My son has professed that he’d like to start riding mountain bikes again so hopefully we’ll be out on Saturday for a blast in the hills.
    My bad throat appears to be almost gone.

    Premier Icon mamadirt
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    It’s Friday (vindaloo – woohoo 😛 )
    I don’t work on Fridays (still on holiday anyway)
    I now only have one bike so I’m never on the wrong one . . . for the moment 😉
    Sun is coming out so I’m off to explore some interesting looking trails not too far away 😀
    puts beer in fridge to chill

    Premier Icon Stoner
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    Its sunny out, I have all the parts I need to make some new wheels for the pomp on the terrace in the sun with beer and in a weeks time family Stoner is off on it’s twice yearly “month in road Europe” trip incorporating a week with AQR, a week in the eastern Pyrenees and a fortnight in the Cevennes…. 🙂

    Premier Icon Longarmedmonkey
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    I have about one hour of real work left this week.
    The kids got out the right side of their beds this morning.
    Physio says I can swim again (next milestone: remove bike from TurboTrainer)
    I am losing some of the lard put on during poorlyness.
    Reading this happy thread.
    Its Friday

    Premier Icon RepacK
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    The Sun’s shining – thats enough for me! 8)

    Premier Icon juan
    Free Member

    I have my plane ticket to go to scotland 😀
    I got rid of my mum for a whole week.

    Premier Icon robdob
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    Day off, starting new job on Monday, just bought a bmx (flatland heaven), it’s lovely and warm, going shopping, great night out last night, friends birthday tonight.

    What’s not to like?

    Premier Icon Munqe-chick
    Free Member

    It’s sunny and I’m flying out to Morocco tomorrow for 8 days MTBing in the Atlas Mountains and on Tuesday while I’m away it’s my 30th!!!! I’m happy!

    Premier Icon jon1973
    Free Member

    I’m getting a new bike for my commute soon.

    Premier Icon AndyP
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    The weather has meant that a large proportion of the 12,000 ladies aged between 18 and 22 where I work are wearing very very little.
    And I’m off to Provence with a mate and our bikes on Wednesday.

    Premier Icon mrsflash
    Free Member

    It’s all good. I have no complaints at all at the moment.

    Premier Icon stumpy01
    Full Member

    The sun is shining
    The veg is kinda growing
    The Avids aren’t binding anymore
    I’m dong the Enduro6 on Sunday and the weather is looking better now
    It’s Friday
    I had a Creme Egg earlier

    Probably more stuff, but it’s time for lunch.

    Premier Icon thisisnotaspoon
    Full Member

    work finished at 4 (boooooo, its normaly 3:30 for me on friday)

    my knee’s not too bad (still cant ride a bike though)

    i’ve not lost any weight this week (but i’m still healthier than i was)

    going out tonight (hopefuly, just need to convince people tp go out as well)

    Premier Icon marsdenman
    Free Member

    lemee see….
    spent the week mostly working from home, with someone here to teach me Dreamweaver – I can now mostly update my website which is great!
    During the course of said education have lunched at the vilage coffee shop and shared beers in the pubs – great.
    Ducklings are arriving on the river….
    Loving commuting on the bike (ok, only the one day this week…. and it’s not rained / been really windy yet… )
    Thereby refreshing my love of where I am fortunate enough to live……..

    Meeting some of you lot in the Dales this Sunday (well, I think thats a good thing….. 😉 )

    Just back from meeting the owners of a new wedding venue thats only yards from the front door at MMTowers, meeting went well, ‘loving my work’, am now one of just 2 pro-photogs on their referrals list….

    Financial times as I start the business are dicifult but still the best thing I ever did!
    Big Loves to MrsMM for supporting me………

    Premier Icon yossarian
    Free Member

    1. I had a lovely ride in this morning and will have a lovely ride home tonight

    2. Both my kids are happy, healthy and almost always laughing and smiling

    3. Its pay day

    4. My wife is happy

    5. My garden is a mass of cherry, apple and pear blossom at the minute – you wanna know where all the bees have gone? They are buzzing round excitedly outside my house 🙂

    6. I live 5 minutes from the beach which is a massive bonus in the summer (its pretty good in the winter but in the summer its like every weekend is a holiday)

    7. Its friday

    All the best to all on STW, may the sun shine on you and the wind be at your back whatever you are doing. 8)

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash
    Full Member

    It’s Friday, the sun is shining, I’m 40 tomorrow, and I’m 2 stone lighter than when I turned 30.

    And I’ll be spending my birthday riding the Rutland Sportif.

    Premier Icon WorldClassAccident
    Free Member

    I rode 60 miles off road around the new Forest in the sunshine on Wednesday and I have just got back from a two hour blast around Lordswood without my legs falling off or crashing.

    I have an interview for a Technical director roles when the MD gets back from holiday in a weeks time so there is hope of being un-redundant.

    The guys at Avon Tyrrell have told me they will provide all of the showers and most of the toilets we need for the Big Bike Bash which means more money to charity and proper permanent showers for BBBers

    Premier Icon WorldClassAccident
    Free Member

    And my neighbour has just brought round my rear sliding dropouts with the threads properly cut so the Ti SS is working again. Guess I am back up the woods as soon as have fitted these!

    Premier Icon MussEd
    Free Member

    I’m off to Whitley Bay tomorrow morning dressed as Ian {the groomer/dad figure/actually the husband} Krankie with a mate dressed as Wee Jimmy as part of end of season 10’s tournament piss-up.

    I’v got TWO new frames to build tonight, and then thrash next week!

    Premier Icon mundiesmiester
    Free Member

    Me the wife and my kids are healthy – can’t ask for more.

    Premier Icon BigDummy
    Free Member

    I’ve got a dead hooker in my fridge, and a big jar of vaseline.

    Premier Icon domino
    Full Member

    Suns gone behind a cloud but the birds are singing, sheep baa-ing and cows moo-ing. Fish and chip supper to look forward to.

    Riding from Austwick tomorrow. Off to Leeds for drinks and delicious Thai food in the evening.

    4 day week next week and a 4 day weekend to look forward to that will include riding somewhere nice round Worcs, Hereford, Shopshire kind of way. May even venture into Wales.

    Premier Icon AndyP
    Free Member

    BigDummy FTW

    Premier Icon peachos
    Free Member

    a good week at work, got offered an interview for a promotion. midweek ride from hayfield was perfect – got to watch the sun set over manchester. more peak district action tomorrow. beer and fettling tonight.

    Premier Icon ton
    Free Member

    cos i am listening to this…….give it a blast

    Premier Icon jon1973
    Free Member

    I’ve got a dead hooker in my fridge, and a big jar of vaseline.

    Why have you got a dead rugby player in your fridge? and what do you intend to do with the vaseline?

    Premier Icon CaptainFlashheart
    Free Member

    ton – Telegraph Road is doing the business at Flash Towers today…!

    Am pleased to report that the skimpy bikini fashion shows no sign of abating (Not on me, I hasten to add, but the delightful damsels of my part of town). Which is nice.

    Premier Icon bigsi
    Free Member

    It’s sunny.
    Its Friday.
    I’ve just had 2 fishfinger & cream cheese sandwiches for lunch.
    It’s nearly payday.
    I’ve just cleared one of my credit cards.
    I’ve given up worrying about the recession and my job, there’s very little i can do about it anyway.
    I’m riding the Surrey Hills on Sunday with mates.
    I’ve got 2 Arundel Gold chillin in the fridge.
    My dog’s are in the office with me today so I’ve got someone/thing to keep me company.
    Did i mention its sunny out.

    Life could be worse 😉

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