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  • 2tyred
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    Haven’t seen a thread for a while – Mrs Tyred and I looking for some new stuff to watch on netflix.

    Random things what we like:

    – Six Feet Under

    – Atlanta

    – Handmaid’s Tale (season 1, season 2 got a bit silly)

    – the films of Richard Linklater

    – The Letdown

    – Flowers

    – Green Wing

    sort of thing.

    The Netflix menu is useless – if you like the sort of stuff above, what else have you watched lately that’s good?


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    How are you with subtitles?

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    Breaking Bad, Just Call Saul.

    Fargo (the series, not the film) Series one is particularly good.

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    Subtitles – I can read.

    Fargo – liked what I’ve watched, there’s a daunting amount of it though!

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    Having a prime binge at the moment, worth a swap for 3 months?

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    Oh, yeah.  Orphan Black.

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    Season 1 was pretty good and Season 2 starts a week today.

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    Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown is fantastic! Archer, Rick & Morty, Arrested Development are the main mindless things I watch.

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    Designated Survivor, Altered Carbon, Fargo (if you can stop shouting “why are you all so stupid? at the screen), Better Call Saul, Brooklyn Nine Nine, The Expanse, The Alienist, Narcos, Star Trek Discovery, River and Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (but it depends on who the guest comic is)

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    Narcos, Happy, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, I’ve just finished watching Bordertown, really good Finish crime drama.

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    Mindhunters is worth a watch.

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    Mental documentary about Colombian cocaine cartels trying to buy a Russian sub. Some real characters

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    Stranger  Things

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    Any good films on there at the moment?

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    What Happened, Miss Simone? There’s an excellent book to go with it.

    (not a film)

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    bit marmite i reckon. travel doc

    two canadians travel the world.

    beautifully shot

    ones a bit annoying the others that messy pisshead you went uni with

    i love it

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    Glitch is good

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    Black. You need to like Korean subtitled stuff.

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    Mind Hunter

    Una bomber

    Stranger things

    New star trek

    Lost in space


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    Shooter, The Expanse, Star Trek Discovery, Jessica Jones, Travelers, Z Nation (walking dead with it’s tongue firmly in cheek), Safe

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    just finished the 1st series of Preacher which i found entertaining. the guy from This is England being particularly good

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    I don’t know if you like documentaries, but there are a few docu-series on Netflix that are as gripping as the classic box sets like Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

    Making a Murderer: a crime story that twists and turns in a way that you would dismiss as too far fetched if it had been written as a work of fiction.

    Wild, Wild West: the bizarre story of the Rajneesh cult in the USA, told first hand by the people involved. Includes a guru who owned 93 Rolls Royces and the biggest bioterrorism attack in US history.

    The Keepers: the investigation of the unsolved murder of a nun in 1969, which explodes into a much bigger and very disturbing story. Brilliantly paced, with a series of cliffhanger revelations as the story unfolds.

    The Staircase (another close up look at a man accused of murder) and Evil Genius (about the pizza delivery neck bomb robbery) are also worth a look.

    I like the way the episodic documentaries have more time to get under the skin of their stories.

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    Loads of good stuff already recommended.

    At the moment I’m watching “the Vietnam war” really top notch documentary. Something you might think you know all about, but you don’t.

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    Can’t remember which of these were Netflix, Amazon, or just cable, but decent tv shows.

    The Americans

    Stranger Things

    The Deuce



    Better Call Saul




    Blunt Talk




    Future Man

    The Expanse

    The Good Place

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    I’ve just finished watching Final Space and Disenchantment. Both quirky animated series that I enjoyed. Mooncake from Final Space may be the cutest (and most lethal) animated creature I’ve seen “chukadee”

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    Black mirror. Last chance u. Rick n morty. Black mirror. black mirror. black mirror and black mirror

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    Money Heist was a suprise. Long series though .

    The Sinner is excellent on NOWTV.

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    Alias Grace

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    Currently working my way through Gotham and Sons of Anarchy

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    Gotham is pretty good.

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    Disenchantment. A bit like Futurama does dungeons and dragons. Some recognisable British comedy actor voices in there if you listen.

    Started off well, but maybe not enough laughs, and by the last few episodes it’d defo hit its stride. Really looking forward to series 2.

    Final Space I’m not so sure about. Sone good ideas but no real character development, and not many laughs.

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    I’m currently working my way back through the first few series of 12 Monkeys – great show, one of the best things that Syfy has turned out.

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    The Barkley Marathons

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    Just finished Flint Town.  Not bad.

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    The Defiant Ones- dr Dre/jimmy iovine documentary is ace.

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    Defiant Ones and and Barkley Marathons seconded.

    Hip Hop Evolution is a nice 4 part docu if you’re into that sort of thing.

    The staircase was very good, although after some further reading perhaps a little biased.

    Didn’t really rate Evil Genius, intriguing story made incredibly dull.

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    Just finished Flint Town.  Not bad.

    Incredibly well made but very depressing. Hard to argue with the bad stuff they’ve had thrown at them.

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    ozark 2 is piling on the menace.

    So much going off.

    The debauchery in the first two episodes is already stacking up the odds.

    Hope it keeps it up!

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    13 Reasons Why, very good, gets a little long winded in the middle, the ending is worth sticking with it.

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