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  • Narrow wide Noisey!!??
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    All noisy that I’ve tried, it’s a by-product of the close clearances needed to prevent the chain dropping off. I find a new gear noisy at first for a few pedal revs then the grime gets pushed out and normal quiet service is resumed.

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    Mine sounds like the rear gear is not fully engaged. It’s a Superstar.


    Mine is noisy when dirty. I just clean it more which is only really a good thing.

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    ^ This. If you can swap a spacer from the drive side of the BB to the non drive, it helps alot.


    My xx1 gets noisy if the chainring is worn.

    Mine’s as quiet as a conventional chainring.

    On-One ring, 10s SRAM chain, SLX clutch mech.

    Done about 200 dry miles so far, not washed it, and lubed the chain twice (getting about 150miles between lubes at the moment with plain bog standard muck-off dry lube, I love summer).


    Are all 1×10 set ups with narrow wide noisey , first half hour into a ride fine, then when the mud or dust sets in the drive sounds hellish. Are some chainrings less noisey than others.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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