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  • Whyte/ATB have a very good warranty team, well beyond what is expected. Always good to see that being praised!


    Many thanks to Cycleworld Portsmouth and ATB Sales / Whyte for sorting out a frame issue on my 2009 e-120 quickly, and with the minimum of fuss and especially to Whyte for going the extra mile and replacing the wheels as well as the frame, as my old wheels were not compatible with the new frame, even though this was beyond the letter of the warranty.

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    Orange’s Ben is the awesome and sorted my ST4 twice outside of warranty period.


    My wife…because she makes awesome brownies.

    Good to hear that someone has had a good experience with Whyte – I’ve been waiting 10 days for a response on cracking carbon frame. Maybe it’s the bike shop rather that ATB. Out of interest how long was it from you reporting the fault to getting agreement to replace?


    Endura – quality warranty team. I can’t be arsed with all the details (they are multiple) but I know I’m not the only to feel Endura love on here.

    Me for fitting my own spoke and truing the wheel up afterwards.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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