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  • I’m on the Alu version of that at the moment, with a mixed build of X0, Avid Juicy Ultimates and XT chainset. Same fork (Bar the colour!) as well.

    One thing I have found, and you may as well, is that this is a bike that really benefits from a Pure/Joplin type dropper seatpost (is there a term for them yet?) as it rides so well on the smooth and ups with saddle up and even better down with saddle down. Worth trying, IMO.

    Depending on where you ride, you might be a little under-tyred as well, if you ask me. I’ve got big up front, Rubber Queen 2.5, and a Spesh Eskar 2.3 on the back.

    Oh, and WIIIIIIDE bars work really well on these at speed/trail centre type riding.

    I’ve fallen in love with Easton bars since first buying them and see no reason to change – so that’s what I’m having.

    Tyres will be 2.4 Fire FR up front and 2.1 Fire XC out back – found this combo works fine on my old Enduro (’06).

    I was going to go for a Gravity Dropper, but I’ve gone over budget already – the full build will be approx £2700. It was only a few weeks ago I was pondering over only spending £1899 on an ’08 Enduro Pro Carbon full bike.

    Waiting on Hope Tech M4 stoppers, Easton bars, Panaracer Fire XC & FR tyres and Roval Traversee wheelset, oh and some Fibrax braided gear cables.

    Shiny new Hopes here now



    Those the brakes that have been in your BBQ since Friday?

    Yup, they’re the ones

    Yup, they’re the ones


    out of interest, how much for an S-works enduro carbon at the mo, and what do they ride like?

    £1499 for an ’08 frame, forks/stem, shock, front hub, Thomson post and XTR front mech – reduced from £2499.

    The whole bike built up will stand me at £2700 and the only noticeable difference in spec from the stock bike will be that I have an XT chainset, rather than XTR and an XT Shadow rear mech & XT shifters instead of SRAM X0/X9. My brakes will be arguably better though. The full bike is around £3300 at JE James (rrp £3999), but I have seen them for £3k.

    I’m hoping for around 28-29lbs for my large – I think the frame weighs in at around 5.5lbs.

    No idea what they ride like, but I’ve only read good things (when the suspension works – any problems are quickly sorted by Spesh and have a 5yr warranty). I did have a quick blast round on a Pro carbon though, which felt very nice.

    I’ve started it. Was going to put the brakes on, but am going to wait for a workstand, or the wheels, as it won’t stand up with the front brake on.

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    Only one thing to add apart from that’s a nice bike

    ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’. You too must have kids 🙂

    No, Camp Rock – same MILF though.


    what fish?

    It’s new so we are stocking it slowly – a load of Mountain Minnows that we had from a cold water tank (they can do warm water too), a couple of Plec’s, two Tiger Barbs and two Green Barbs.


    Got one of those, superb all rounder, the faster you ride it the better it gets. If your crafty then you can get one of those for less that 1800…Buy a lower spec model, sell the frame and then offer for a frame only deal without seatpost…

    got a work stand if you want to borrow it mate – text me if you do

    It’s done – just a few tweeks needed

    Yes, the gardens a bit shabby.

    And the 2.1 Fire XC looks a bit lost on the back – I didn’t want one with a red bead neither. Bathroom scales show 27lb, but it feels heavier tbh. First impressions are good though, but I’ve only been for a blast to the shop fer whisky.

    I should’ve bought a charcoal Spoon and will probably get one and ditch the brown – likewise the grips. Also need a wider bar.


    Is nice. I like.

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    How are the brakes?

    that looks ace mate – done with the tools then?

    Cheers rob – maybe popping up to Monsal Dale later, so will drop them in if we do. If not I’ll get them back in the next couple of days – unless you need anything sooner of course.

    Pete – not had chance to try the brakes in anger yet and they need adjusting. Initial feelings are that they’ll be very powerful though.

    that would be cool, need the cassette tool to sort ginger henrys wheel out

    The brakes are awesome, but squeal like a stuck pig when wet.

    Loving the whole bike. Weighs in at 28lb with pedals on digital fishing scales. Climbing and top gear tarmac spinning are a breeze. Still dialling the suspension in, but seems just as capable as the old Enduro downhill – the forks are super plush and stiff.

    It’s making me enjoy riding again.

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