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  • MrNutt

    A poor mans radiohead, and that's on a good day 😉


    A poor mans radiohead, and that's on a good day

    At least muse's music doesn't make me suicidal… 😆

    A follow on from the Glasto thread.

    Experienced MUSE at OT last night. Immense, epic show!! Made Glasto look a bit tame…

    …if you have any liking for their sound get to see them!


    I think someone on here compared them to Queen recently….poor man's Queen IMHO 😀


    Thoroughly enjoyed it myself !
    (Didn't enjoy the queue back to the motorway).

    Good show, but, did they somehow look kinda 'tired'…going through the motions almost ? I've only seem them live on tv before but thought they were somehow far more animated & alive looking during the tv performance ( when you got close up's of the faces etc).

    Either way, still enjoyed it 🙂



    **** muse, we can usually here gigs @ Old Trafford from our house but the party in the next street was blowing the widows in!! They must has had a rocking sound system in the garden, it was so loud it had gone past annoying and had become impressive.

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    Best night out of my life was the opening leg of the Resistance UK tour. awesome live act.

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    We went last night. I'm not a massive fan but I enjoyed the gig, say what you like but they're bloody talented. Loving the stage setup too.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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