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  • Heather Bash

    >Beware the 'catch-all' answers from the men in white coats<

    …similarly beware the qwack remedies from the pharmaceutical co's with a huge vested interest in peddling the vitamins.


    I know what it's like. "Eat healthy" they say.. But there's only so many hours in a day to prepare and consume food.

    Personally I like to keep some Boost in the fridge for days where I'm late and have no time. It's essentially a multi-vitamin and an appetite suppressant all in one easy to drink on the go solution.

    I also stock specific vitamins for colds and other illnesses but they are too expensive to depend on day-to-day. This is the best site I've found for discount vitamins. After shipping and such you'll only save a bit, so the best savings is really a proper diet. 🙂


    Zinc puts extra lead in your pencil and it's cheaper than oysters (though not as nice.)

    elaine anne

    i take quite alot of vitamins..vary them out from multi vits to herbal tablets and i take 200-500mg vitamin c most days …havent had a cold for 2 years at least ! oh and 'Acidopholus Bifidus' (the probiotic good stuff)…thats supposed to be good for you…


    If I live out of the chippy will taking multi vitamins keep me healthy 🙂

    In 21 1/2 years of nursing I've never seen multi=vits used without a clear cut reason (premature babies, cyctic fibrosis etc).

    Diet should meet the needs, assuming diet not overly restrictive.


    Even if I keep a diet I try to take multivitamins. I found a good place where I can buy vitamins and minerals. Because I believe that taking vitamins helps me to stay healthy.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    ‘Acidopholus Bifidus’ (the probiotic good stuff)…thats supposed to be good for you…

    A lot of things are “supposed” to be good for you. This was on the news a couple of weeks back, they’ve been told to stop making health claims until they can prove it. Studies thus far have been … let’s be generous and say “inconclusive.”


    I take two smarties a day, looks similar, does as much good and tastes nicer. Im convinced that they prevent aids and cancer on the basis that I am free of either. If you dont believe me read Patrick Holford.

Viewing 9 posts - 41 through 49 (of 49 total)

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