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  • zelak999

    Don’t start……


    No no, start start! The more folk that talk about/buy mudguards the less chance there is of rain.

    I’ve nothing useful to add I’m afraid.


    Depressing, i know, but i’m thinking of autumn and winter!
    Does anyone have full length mudguards, i’m thinking of bontrager ncs or sks chromo’s, fitted to an mtb with a HUGE fork to wheel gap. I’ve got a salsa cromoto and my brains saying there might be a ugly asthetic with regards to the drop.
    Anyone got any photos?

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    I’ve got an SKS Chromo on the rear of my hardtail commuter and on my CX bike.

    Good guards once they are on, but a right pain in the arse to fit right. Make sure you have a couple of hours and a large selection of washers, Allen bolts and nuts on standby.

    I’ll try and find a photo.


    I went with the tortec trekking guard and like it. very similar to sks but I found it cheaper. whatever you go with, leave enough length on the front stayw that you can dispense wih the ‘secuclips’ or breakaway clips if they become bohersome. mine rattled themselves to death. much happier now they’re gone.


    fitted to an mtb with a HUGE fork to wheel gap.

    SKS ones will fit fine, you’ll just need to bodge up an adaptor to mate the fork crown hole to the mudguard bracket. A flat stip of metal with a hole at each end is all you need, should be easy enough to either make (following trip to B&Q) or modify some old part/bracket you have in a spares box.

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    Nice big mudguards mean you can ride longer in foul weather, but….

    the dogshit bespeckled no mudguard trendies won’t want to talk to you.

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