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  • flatfish

    Had my wedding reception in there.

    Premier Icon alfabus

    Went there for dinner last night… pretty good isn’t it 🙂

    That is all.



    Went downhill a few years ago and had a fairly nasty piece of work managing it. However, for the last few years its been grand. Always a good spot for a beer on the balcony.


    They have opened another restaurant across the building site/car park at the back of the M Shed.

    Nice to know the unpleasant restaurant experience has improved, as I have avoided it for several years. Hope the same can also be said of the bike section, and one time, back in the day, the most rude unhelpful staff I and a few other people I know had come across in years.


    Yep, I avoid the shop like the plague. Unhelpful, rude, snobby attitude. They will charge you 10% to use their cyclescheme too.


    The 2nd restaurant (Muddock Deli) is really really nice.


    It’s definitely been through good and bad phases. I stopped going there after some blatant sales BS trying to do down every other brand that those they sold. Including slagging off brands that they’d very recently sold and extolled the virtues of…

    But it seems to be in a good phase at the moment both for the shop and the restaurants which is good because it’s a great location.


    Maybe I should give Mud Dock another go – I haven’t been to either shop or restaurant for a long time due to poor experiences from both.

    I remember being confused by Mud Dock being shortlisted (or even winning?) some “best bike shop” award a few years back (when it was going through a “challenging” time)

    Premier Icon alfabus

    Never been in the bike shop, but I was very impressed with the restaurant upstairs… had a nice beer and a nice steak 🙂


    Well its great to hear the good (and bad) experiences respectively.

    Thanks to the OP for your comments and glad you enjoyed your visit!

    Charlie and I have been part of a completely new team of staff to take the shop on from 2011.

    We knew we had taken on a project but it’s really telling in the comments of those who historically have had such bad experiences, how much of a project it will be to restore your faith and our reputation.

    Rest assured, we are trying our best to revive (what has the potential to be) one of the best shops in the U.K. We have two of the best mechanics the shop has seen, with over 70 years experience between them, as well as Charlie who came from Evolution Imports in Bromley, making us the only official Chris King Service centre outside of Evolution.

    The rest of us are just as enthusiastic and passionate for all forms of cycling, so whether you are in to buy a 10K road bike, or a gear cable for your old Raleigh, you can be sure you will receive the best service possible.

    I’m thankful to those who say they feel the shop has turned a corner as it makes all the hard work worthwhile. We feel we really have turned a corner also, and urge you back to us to see for yourselves.

    Come in the shop, quote ‘singletrack forum’ and any staff member will grab you a free drink from the cafe so you can enjoy a good mooch around.

    We have some incredible stock in the shop right now, including a 22k BMC impec Lamborghini!

    Any other comments and criticism is gladly received here or to my personal email

    Thanks again.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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