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  • Muc off c3 ceramic wet lube………………………..
  • Jesus this stuff makes a mess and doesn’t massively seem much smoother than anything else I’ve used in mud/wet, am I missing something? or after just one ride is everything going to be black and claggy?!?

    Back to either white lightning wet lube or rock n roll extreme me thinks 🙁

    Was told this was the daddy of lubes, pfffft!

    did u do it the night before?


    You are using to much.
    And like any other wet lube. After a ride clean the chain, lubricate, and right before you go out for the next ride, run the chain through a rag to absorb oil left on the outside of the chain.
    I only use muc off c3 year round, and you only have to use a small drop on each link.

    Yeh fully decreased before and put on night before too

    Seemed to be as bad as finish line green for skanky black mess

    My gears didn’t feel super smooth like they do after a clean and lube with white lightning wet lube

    I was only putting a blob on each link even wiped excess after, just seemed really really thick and too clagggy, will give it another try before binning it off

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    All wet lube makes a muddy mess of your chain. Roll on summertime and dry lube.

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    Is this a good time to recommend putoline again? As faffy as it’s possible for a chainlube to be but totally worth it.

    Premier Icon everyone

    Throwing in my vote for chain-L

    +1 for putoline

    Cant wait for a garage with electricity again, going to stick it in a deep fat fryer to save hassle!

    Not had any problems with muc-off though, as pointed out, the chain should be almost dry on the outside, it’s the bushings/pins inside that need the lube, not the links.

    will try it again, to be fair, i didnt wipe the sides of the chain, ill get rid of all the outer excess on the links and see how it fairs then, its defo muckier than white lightning wet lube and rock n roll extreme, but i suppose it probably will last longer too as a trade off

    Premier Icon mactheknife

    I find it the best wet lube out there, you only need to apply on the inner rollers. If applied on the outside they all just attract gunk.

    ok cheers mac, will give it another shot intensely cleaning the outer links

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