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  • MTB trails round Nuremburg, Germany
  • ianv

    As a start. Trubachtal is not too far away but the other places are further, towards Bamburg.

    There should be loads of stuff as you say. YT Industries is just up the road in Forcheim, you could ask on their facebook page.

    Do you climb?, because Erlangen is the centre of the German sport climbing universe.

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    I’d suggest using google, but it seems to redirect if you type “Nuremburg Trails” for some reason.


    Premier Icon whyter

    I didn’t venture too far when I lived there (10 years ago now :o), but the woods at the North end of the town have a few trails in them, linked by mainly forest road.


    For the next few weeks I’ll be living in Erlangen:

    It’s in Franconia, southern Germany and I’m looking for some local mtb trails. I know there must be some decent riding near by, there’re some great hills and forests. Just wondered if anyone had any advice about riding in Germany or particularly the riding round here.

    I’m coming back here fairly regularly for the next couple of years and it’d be great to build up some local knowledge.

    Thanks in advance,


    Thanks folks!

    Ian – Yes, I do climb. I’ve not got any bikes or climbing gear with me this time but It’ll be in the van for my next visits.. Good tip on YT Industries, I’ll check out their Facebook.

    whiter – I’ve ran through those woods and the XC singletrack looks great, there’s also a BMX track out that way. It’d be nice to find some steeper stuff too though


    Steeper stuff will be further north and east. The hills behind the valley where the barenschleucht wand have plenty of potential and I bet there is some stuff down into the same valley from grossweinstein.

    I lived there a long time ago so can’t remember names of towns and I only climbed so never really looked for bike tracks. Trubachtal is probably a decent start point though (climbing and biking).

    b r

    All I remember of Nuremburg was that it’s a bit flat and the view off the ‘podium’ was good 🙂

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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