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  • Premier Icon ton

    bloke with the beard. great rock.

    Premier Icon GRAEMEJONES

    Been on a couple of one day courses at Gisburn with Ed, and also 2 of his one week courses at Basque MTB. Just do it, you wont regret one moment 🙂

    Premier Icon thetallpaul

    Currently looking for the same.
    Singletrack School advertise here and run courses in Easingwold just north of York.
    Do the Dales Bike Centre run any courses?

    Premier Icon captaincarlos

    Dales Bike Centre also do a couple of decent courses, specifically one on jumps and drops. I did the “steep & rocky” one and thought it was excellent.


    Pro Ride Guides from Harrogate, excellent coaches and offical coaches to the Mega Enduro, often MBUK featured and they did the coaching articles in MBUK last year. They will cover everything you describe and anything else you specify. Most of their coaching is done at Stainburn (Otley), but they also do Hamsterley and other places.


    Great Rock With Ed Oxley, in Hebden Bridge. Very good.

    Premier Icon TPTcruiser

    Saw a flyer on the checkout desk at Edinburgh Bike Coop in Sheffield last night. Based at Wharnecliffe, various levels. I know nothing else but it did catch my eye – what with Xmas miles away. [Just in case MsTPT is Googling]

    Just come back from a week riding with Ed and Doug in the Basque country.

    Taught me loads, well worth it. Definitely got me out of some very bad habits, and will NOT be crashing quite so much from now on.


    Can anyone recommend any?

    Looking for something along the lines of trail riding skills, but with obstacles, small jumps and drop offs.

    I’m not too bad a rider but would like to push myself a bit more, so anywhere that offers skills training in these areas would be good.


    Premier Icon ahsat

    I have been on 3 courses with Ed and he has quite simply transformed me as a rider. Ride stuff would have walked before, happier with wheels in the air and quite often get QoMs on the descents simply by adding ‘flow’. Well worth the trip from Newcastle and will be booking a 1:1 with him next year as Alp prep. Ed has a real skill at talioring a group session that everyone gets something from it rather than trying to teach blanket skills.

    Oh and he is a dude.


    Ed’s the man to see for this. Trust me, he will transform you.

    Premier Icon spacehopper

    Went on a one to one skills course with Ed a couple of years ago..

    didn’t think i got much out of it at the time.. but the more i rode afterwards and though about the things we had gone through on the day and put them into practice.. it pretty much transformed my riding..!

    highly recommended!

    also just got back from the skills week with Doug and Ed in the Basque country.. which topped up the skills i learned earlier and put the new bits ive learned into practice on some of the AMAZING trails (i shall forever dream of blue pills…!) out there..


    I’d throw my hat in the ring for Ed too. Also heard good things about A Line coaching in Sheffield

    Premier Icon phil56

    Another recommendation for Ed.

    As well as providing generic technique advice, he has a great ability to see each rider as an individual, even in a group. He will help them with the 3 or 4 things that will move them forward most, and not swamp them with more input until the confidence grows.

    A few friends have been on Ed’s courses and without exception it has transformed their riding.


    Another recommendation for Ed from me.

    What you pay for in a good coach is his ability to capture and articulate what you are actually doing, as opposed to what you think you’re doing, and to tailor the most appropriate things to do to correct it.

    Premier Icon mcnultycop

    As above, Ed. I’ve had one course and am having another in September.

    Believe in the Beard! Go straight to the Great Rock!!


    I only ever hear good stuff about Great Rock. Mint riding in his neck of the woods, too.

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