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  • Move over, Strava. Perhaps. ReTrack within
  • chvck

    I don’t really “get it”. It sounds fairly good as a concept but in practise it looks rubbish and I don’t really see how it could be not rubbish!

    Premier Icon al2000

    The tracking / mapping side looks quite neat, but the visualisation software needs a hell of a lot of money spending on it unless the goal is to make people’s bike rides look really stupid. The amount they’re trying to raise won’t come close.

    So they need £150k to get it off the ground and we are supposed to pay for it? Why not just sell shares so that we could share in its success? Or have i missed the point…?!

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Can’t see it coping too well with displaying jumps and drops….

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    Looks pretty rubbish to me. Why would I want to replay 2-4 hours of mincing ?


    The idea is there.. but the graphical aspect will require a lot of investment to get the quality to the standard an end user would expect, more so with the likes of the new generation consoles hitting the market. ie PS4.

    The end result of this product is just a basic video in my opinion from a gpx file or simlair, its not like you are covering your body with data sensors to monitor your positioning and weak spots like pro roadies do.

    Good luck but im out. (my opinion rather than factual. )

    Thanks for your feedback. The goal of ReTrack was to show a more than a line on a map, and give more of an idea what the trail and your ride were like. The idea was never to watch hours of animation, but be able to pick out and replay the interesting bits of a ride.

    I agree there is a lot further the animation could be taken; our aim was always to have something that could run on a smartphone, so that you could see the results while you were still out, but this is a big compromise compared to what would be possible on a high end console. The single sensor gives us a much more detailed track than a GPS trace, and detects when you are airborne so can show detail like jumps; not the detail we could get with multiple sensors, but not the price tag either.

    In return for the Kickstarter funding we are offering the first batch of sensors at a discounted price. Very interesting to hear everyone’s views about what you do or don’t like about it.


    Google Alerts, you’ve done it again 😀

    Or have i missed the point…?!

    Of Kickstarter? Yes.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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