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  • Mounting a battery pack to top tube or similar?
  • TiRed

    Topeak Top Tube bag, mounted upside down?


    When I used my Lumi battery in a bag, it stayed in place without problem.
    Could you wrap the top tube in a bit of old inner tube to get the battery to grip a bit better?

    How big is the battery? I’ve got one for my spokeshirt light that fits un the stem (admittedly on my road bike) and I then secure it in place with some re-usable zip-ties just to be doubly sure.

    You could always stick it in a bottle and whack it in a cage?

    Stem not an option it’s only 70mm and I mount my garmin on it so there are thick rubber straps underneath

    It’s on a five so slightly kinked TT, but the mount that came with battery doesn’t seem to be too secure on mine, if I could find a neoprene type designed bag that velcros to the frame that would be perfect

    It’s a normal sized battery pack it’s not massive but not small just normal sized I guess

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    Try the magic shine website they do battery bags that should work.


    Stick it in a water bottle , thats what I do .

    Ill try magic shine site cheers

    I don’t have water bottle option unfortunately or I would have preferred to have done that


    Smudge of this forum runs mtb batteries which supplies pouches, top bloke. Link below:

    Ohhhh ruscle legend I’ve just popped him an email nice one!

    Guessing a 4 cell glow worm battery pack would fit it fine you reckon?

    That looks just what I’m after will secure proper tight with Velcro cheers

    Help! I’ve never had to mount a battery before on the frame as I’ve always run exposure lights however I’m gonna run my glow worm x2 on the bars this winter , and from what I’ve tried I cannot for the life of me to get it to secure on the TT properly without falling about or knocking side to side etc by it being strapped on

    Can I get some form of neoprene carrier that clips on or fastens onto the frame more securely?

    Don’t want it moving basically and making a racket, anybody got anything they can recommend?


    word of warning, they make a mess of your top tube pretty quickly

    Banana cheers I’ve got plenty of heli tape on the top tube thanks for the warning though


    Should do, measurements are on the web page, if in doubt ask Smudge. I use the large one as run his largest 8 cell battery pack and it doesn’t move about one bit once fastened on nice and tight.

    Plus you can feel good helping out a smaller UK business (1 bloke) rather than a large company. 😀

    Cheers ruscle appreciate the help

    Ill defo have one off him if he thinks it will fit don’t see why not my battery is just a standard four cell big cube type shape so I’d imagine just standard will check out measurements but I’m sure it will fit glad to hear it doesn’t budge

    Just the ticket nice one

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    i stick mine in a sis bottle with the rubber mouth piece removed. easy to take on and off the bike and keeps it dry.


    Yeah your 4 cell cube will fit the standard one, I had a 4 cell cube as well ( the 18650 li-ion cells) and used the standard one.

    cheers ruscle

    just measured the battery its 45x45x75

    smudges says roughly to suit 40x40x70

    hopefully its got 5mm extra space either side, will see what he says

    cheers again

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    I tape it to the top tube with duct tape. It looks shite, (but who’s critiquing my bike at night time?) but the point of the tape is that it doesn’t shift about and knack the paint/finish.

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