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  • GiantJaunt

    I really enjoy the outdoors and used to be a keen hillwalker until I got into mountain biking in a big way and it's got me thinking 'why do I enjoy it so much'. I think you can have the amazing adventures on a bike that you would on foot with added bonuses. You get the exercise, you can see amazing views and wildlife and you get the added thrill of the descent. For me it's the going down hill bit that I crave the most but all other factors considered it really is an awesome hobby.

    What are your thoughts on it?



    Fresh air


    Premier Icon steveh

    It's why I do everything else in my life, work, where I live, holidays etc etc etc. It's who I am and how I love to spend my time.


    I do it because sometimes my roadbike gets broken.





    pushing yourself



    because nothing makes me smile more than being on 2 wheels .


    because nothing makes me smile more than being on 2 wheels


    Stevie P

    To give my fingers a break from climbing all of the time.


    Up until last night (after a cracking fast, "agressive" XC ride) I'd have waxed on about things but having had shooting sharp pains in my knee joint all day today for no obvious reason I'm not so sure!


    This is why I do it


    At the moment, i'm getting a bit cheesed off with it all. I cant seem to go out on a ride without something going wrong with the drivetrain, which can be fixed easily enough out on the ride, but means I mollycoddle it the rest of the ride … which spoils it for me. I'm concentrating on that, and not enjoying the ride itself. Yet out on road bike, I cant enjoy the ride without worrying about the bike.

    Singlespeed is calling … ( or an alfine )

    Premier Icon stevomcd

    It keeps me sane.


    nothing is as much fun ( and i've tried a few things)
    keeps me happy
    is good for you
    enhances my experience of life
    enhances my car driving ( ie feeling the car)
    enhances my enjoyment of music

    in short..adrenaline.. experiences.. fun


    It's -3, pi$$ing it down, I've had no food for the last two hours, soaked to the skin, shivering, and I have to mend a puncture with fingers I can't feel and then get the last 30 miles home. I ask myself that sometimes.

    Then it's 25 degrees, I've got the sun on my back, a big cloud of dust behind me as I swoop down the cut-gate, hitting every turn to perfection, every braking point spot-on, and then I have my answer.

    Also, what Steveh said, I have based my life for the last decade around riding and racing bikes. About this time yesterday I was halfway through a 2hr phone call to my (now ex) girlfriend going through the most painful breakup ever, too much time riding was part of the reason (amongst others) but I can't change. If I did, I'd resent doing it and that's never going to keep a relationship alive. I don't know how it's happened but riding has become my life.

    Premier Icon valleydaddy

    I've been back riding for the last year after a 20 year break!!

    Wow what was I missing – I'm having so much fun with this sport!!

    I've met some great people and explored some amazing landscapes and the best thing is I'm probably fitter than I've ever been :mrgreen:

    Stu McGroo

    friends, fun, mucky, scary, knackering, fresh air, simple.

    Carpe diem

    The devastatingly flattering legwear?


    An almost identical question was asked about 5yrs ago in MCN (motorcycle News.
    The overwhelming answer was a one word answer.


    With a mountain bike add:

    Fitness. The Great Outdoors.

    Premier Icon big_scot_nanny

    There's the being outside, working hard, building fitness thing, along of course with the fun of the whole endeavour. But to me and my closest riding buds it is about the sheer distance you can travel into the wilderness and back again in a given time. It is amazing where you can get yourself to and the things you can see.


    Cos being on two wheels is better than not.

    To that I'd have add it's a legal and healthy way of getting kicks going hells bells to raise endorphin levels to the Nth. On the other hand I can pootle with the missus over the hills for weekends away leaving the computer, email and other daily chains a long way behind.


    i do it because i just enjoy the outdoors… im an active person and dont like to sit about, i do many things not only ride my bike.

    i also took a break from being a kid to recently. bought a bike for my birthday and i enjoy it as another reason to get out the house and lose energie…

    that is strong saying that biking is your life… thats real dedication if so….


    i do to get away from the working week, i work hard all week and like to go out on the bike to de-stress and get away from girlfriend and family. 😀


    For the fun and thrills obviously, but also for me its a fantastic release from the pressures and hassles of every day life. No matter if its a bad day/week at work, money worries, argument with the Mrs, whatever. Ride out to the middle of nowhere, stop and take in the total silence and the fantastic scenery we have here in the UK. And then you realise how none of your problems really matter in the great scheme of things. I find it very therapeutic.

    Premier Icon votchy

    because nothing makes me smile more than being on 2 wheels

    – you should try sex 😆

    As for why I do it – it's ace (that goes for sex too)


    Because riding a bike is the best feeling in the world. Just rolling, feeling air rush past you, feeling non-stopable.

    All bikes are great, but mountain bikes are the best. Because you can't have a better freedom vehicle than a mountain bike. You can ride anywhere, roads, woods, hills, iced over roads that cars and motorbikes can't drive, you can heft it over walls and across streams.

    Mountain bikes are liberation vehicles and we are free when we ride.


    Why do I do it……………

    -Adrenaline rush
    -Natural Stress release
    -The challenge, of going harder, faster and further every single time.
    -Or as some people said after seeing and hearing abou puffer "cause i'm off my f**king head" lol

    Premier Icon Bushwacked

    There's something really good about facing challenges on a bike (whatever your level of manup) – I just love being able to propel myself around and down stuff. Its great!


    Fresh air, exercise and a great love of it ! 😉

    PS. Plus you get to act like a 6 year old and get away it (at the age of 36)

    Ho hum

    It keeps me both physically and mentally fit 🙂

    I love the way my mind feels zenned out after a good ride.


    Mud and Masochism!

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    to try to keep fit for Skiing, which is the only sport in the world better 😉 Just a shame it's so seasonal.


    Its a grand night out with my mates followed by a well earned shed load of cider.


    for that natural BUZZ that keeps you awake at night whilst you relive the days trail

    (i need to obtain this more often)

    Edric 64

    I started mountain biking 26 years ago because it was quicker than walking in the hills and a bit different .Now everyone is doing it and it's trendy .I wish the hills were quiet and it was a minority pass time like it used to be


    I ran out of puff
    halfway up a hard climb

    this is why

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