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  • Morzine/Les Gets – tell me about Flow MTB or other family friendly set-up.
  • dazzlingboy

    Planning an Alps trip next year. Me, Mrs Dazzling and daughter – she will be 4 y.o. (just) by then.

    Like the look of Flow MTB – gets great write ups by all.

    But Mrs Dazzling not a major league biker and she will be looking for a relaxing week’s holiday with off bike activities. I’ll probably be biking 50% of the time so I can get quality family time in too!

    Slightly concerned that an MTB holiday chalet is a) not the best place for a 4 y.o. and b) full of ultra rad dudes looking for maximum gnarr 24 hours a day – including all night long.

    I know this sounds like a boring old fart post, and we’re up for most things, but concerned we (early 40s with young child) will be wanting to sleep when others are partying hard (think loud music at 2am) and vice versa (think Peppa Pig DVD at 7.30am).

    Any experiences/advice/alternatives?

    Premier Icon steveh

    I don’t have a better option or much knowledge of flow but don’t use alpine elements under any circumstances, ever. Regardless of how nice their prices look.

    Premier Icon Mark

    I went out with Flow for my week off in the summer and took my lads with me. They are 11 and 15 so we mostly did bikey things but they needed more then just bike stuff to keep them occupied for the week. Morzine has a great leisure complex with none bikey activities. There’s a outdoor and indoor pools with slides and stuff. There’s even one of those train thingies that kids love that trundles around the town :-). As for Flow themselves, Sara and Guy are very accomodating and I doubt that having small kids would present much of a problem at all.


    I highly recommend Rush Adventures for lovely chalet accommodation and great food. 2 minutes ride from Les Gets centre. They have family rooms with a small kitchen and own bathrooms in their chalet. Run by a young english couple with a 2 or 3yr old.



    we went to flow with our daughter when she was just 1, in fact she had her 1st birthday there. It all worked very well and they even did her seperate meals. I would suggest just dropping them a line to ask about it. Chalet is fine and def somewhere you would be happy to take a family.

    Premier Icon flowmtbguy

    I’m guessing I just had a chat with you on our site chat thing…

    Forgot to mention that all rooms in Musardiere have their own DVD players – so no worries with Peppa Pig (disturbing you perhaps, but not the others!).

    As Mark says – there’s plenty to do off the bike – but the dinner table chat does tend to focus on bikes, riding bikes, repairing bikes, and other such bike related topics.. (crashing off bikes).

    But I very much doubt Mrs D will be the only “Mrs” in the chalet – so they could always switch conversation topics to something less biking related..



    Twas I indeed! Just trying to gather the numbers to make it work – sounds good to me. Peppa pig notwithstanding!

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