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  • More OMM Polaris type events?
  • Premier Icon IvanDobski
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    Did the Polaris this weekend and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Does anyone know of any other similar events coming up?

    Premier Icon still s8tannorm
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    Similar but still quite different – Bear Bones 200

    Or if you can wait until early next year there’s this – Jan in Wales and obviously the WRT at the end of May 😀

    Premier Icon bikeo
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    There is a calendar of mountain bike orienteering events on the BMBO website http://www.bmbo.org.uk.
    Not so many events during the winter, but the summer gets quite busy. Most events are score events like the Polaris, but just one day, with time limits of 2 – 6 hours depending on the event. In some events you have to take the controls in order, but they are less common in Britain.

    Premier Icon AngusWells
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    They may not be particularly fashionable these days but I am still a big fan of trail quests/mountain bike orienteering. It helps if you have a local league, which is far more likely if you live in the northern half of Britain. I was a regular on the North Yorkshire NYMBO league until I moved away – well organised, friendly, as challenging and competitive as you want to make it, excellent cardio and cerebral workout, cheep, sometimes more technical than you would think, and the chance to ride some trails that you might otherwise have missed. All in all it has a lot going for it.

    Premier Icon esselgruntfuttock
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    Did loads of Polaris events years ago, till the entry fees went bonkers.

    Premier Icon IvanDobski
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    Cheers guys, was all set to enter that Bear Bones 200 thing till I realised I’m supposed to be moving house that weekend. Still I reckon the mrs can probably shift most of the stuff by herself.

    Signed up to the BMBO though so I guess I should go and buy a map board…

    Premier Icon fizzer
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    BMBO National Championships weekend this coming Sat/Sun in Lorton Cumbria


    which is exactly like the Polaris but without having to carry bivvy gear

    BMBO also have a Facebook page, just search BMBO & press like

    I think far too many people dismiss our sport without actually trying it, it can be a fun day out or a full blown competitive event, challenges the grey matter as well as physical ability & gets you riding in different places. The NYMBO events are run by the same course planner who did the Polaris but there is only one left this year. Winter series starting in the Peak District soon.

    Hope this helps

    Premier Icon BenjiM
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    Definetly worth entering the BMBO events. Great fun and help to find new trails and scenery too! Fizzer, it’ll just be me this weekend by the look of it, the baby is still being hard work. Cancelled the hotel and I’ll either drive up both days or camp at Lorton on Saturday night. Just hope this bloody rain stops ~

    Midland Trailquests have got a series in the “Midlands”, roughly within the Staffordshire, Leicestershire, Buckinghamshire, South Wales area.
    There’s a Southern MTBO club now as well.

    One of the best things about trailquests/MTBO is that a lot of mountain bikers see them as seriously uncool, which means they tend to attract the sort of people who think riding their bike is more important than what bike they’re riding. 😉

    Premier Icon FOG
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    Me and a mate did the polaris too and thoroughly enjoyed it. We being gentlemen of a certain age did 5 and 4 hours as our old bones weren’t up to camping and carrying the gear. Like MTQG says there are lots of seriously old bikes and more rim brakes than I have seen in years which in my opinion is a good thing. You don’t see groups of blokes stood around striking poses! Each to their own though if that’s what you like get on with it.
    I have been riding the Dales area for 25 years and the Polaris route had me going down excellent rights of way I didn’t know. Also the organisers obtain permission to use private land which enables you to ride some great stuff you wouldn’t normally without being shot by the keeper!

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