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    Went to the ARB Show this morning for a mosey around.

    Its on tomorrow too, near Cirencester. Not big enough to justify driving for more than an hour and half or so, but kept me entertained for a morning and met up with a tree surgeon mate for a drink.

    Lots of wonderful, unjustifiable toys. I really dont need a £15k automatic logger and splitter. Oh no. 🙁

    Did treat myself to a little prezzie though:

    A Gränsfors Bruk Scandanavian forest axe for £54, which given they are more like £70 online was a bit of a bargin. Perfect length and weight for one-handed splitting of the poplar and also snedding stuff that my billhook turns its nose up at. By god it’s sharp.

    Also got a chance to have a good chat with a Stihl engineer about my dicky carburettor and inability to tune it as well as some good tips on chain sharpening and care from a pro.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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