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  • Premier Icon stimpy

    As per the title, anyone got any experience on the quality of Moonglu’s wheel builds?

    I wasn’t very impressed the quality of the rear on mine. After 3 days riding in the Alps on a brand new wheel, only 4 spokes had any tension at all. I’m surprised it didn’t collapse. That was a Hope Pro 2 and Stans flow. The front seems fine though and after the rear being rebuilt with a new rim by them and me upping the spoke tension a bit more, they’re both still being hammered on the hardtail.


    I had a couple of spokes come loose on a Stans 29er ArchEX rear after about 200 miles of tame XC. When I ordered the wheels the Moongtu guys were working crazy hours building up the wheels, perhaps quality took a dip as a result ? They offered to take the wheels back and re-true which was great of them but I just got the spoke key out and tweaked it myself.

    I’ve read lots of stories of happy customers so perhaps myself and the previous poster were just unlucky.

    Never had a wheel built but I’ve heard more good stories than bad, in fact the previous post is the only bad one!
    Good guys in Moonglu though.

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    V impressed here – been running a set of pro2s on an arch and a crest that moonglu built 2 yrs back. Absolutely spot on to this day.

    Wouldn’t say I hammer them exactly, more give them a firm seeing to. Main bike, Peak riding, hefty rider.

    Premier Icon ffej

    Mine (Stans Flow on Hope Pro IIs) are still true after about 4 years and a few thousand miles. No complaints here.

    To be fair to the guys, they did sort me out when I got back, though. Even though it looked like I’d been trying to destroy it from the dents due to running a tubeless tyre a touch too low.

    Premier Icon stimpy

    Cheers guys, sounding good for me to pull the trigger on this then.

    That’s christmas sorted for me!


    Been running a Moonglu Arch/Hope wheel set for 3 years on my main bike. Never missed a beat and still true and well tensioned.

    I would not hesitate to get Neil to build me another set.

    Premier Icon shredder

    Two sets here DT 240s on Flow Ex and Pro2 s to BOR no problems at all.
    Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Neil / Moonglu


    Arch EX/Hope about 9 months old now, has been down Stiniog on a hardtail and some fairly clumsy riding around the stanes and lakes, among others with never a spoke key needed. I’d buy again. The custom coloured rim stickers look pretty tempting too.

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