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  • Monday Morning Debrief No. 33 – Did you get buff?
  • Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    Kinder circuit here on Sun. Rain held off in the morning, although the trails took some hammer from the rain Sat night – Jacobs ladder is now an impossible climb from both sides. First half of coldwell clough washed out really badly, like trying to cycle up a shingly beach.
    The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, though, as the Chapel Gate ascent is now as easy as it can ever get. Washed down to the base layer, so it’s like cycling up a steep tarmac road.


    Sat was a bit of a blur, nephews down for the weekend, beach fun, kids surfing, kids kicking balls, kids throwing seaweed at each other.. You know… That kinda tang.
    Sun was a bit similar but then we pootled off to Cowes to get the boat scrubbed for racing and it ended up with kids getting soaked, kids throwing sponges at each other, kids untangling coils of rope, kids getting cheese sarnies in my winches.. Gits.

    We got soaked in the rib on the way back when the lightening/thunderstorm came over..

    Premier Icon onlinebully

    High St from Patterdale, it’s a ride I ve been wanting to do for ages and it did not disappoint. The weather was superb the hills were dry. The ride started with a bit if road then about an hour of hike a bike but what a reward from the top, the views were amazing and the descents were flat out fast as. The techy bits came on the lake shore track with tricky ups and downs especially with walkers in the way. Back to the car home via the pub for essential carbs. Top notch

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    Had my nephew over from Sweden so took him round Rowarth/Hayfield on Saturday. The weather was ace and he loved it. He may not have trails like that where he lives, but he rode them like a seasoned Peak District rider. Us oldies showed him how to do it on the techy uphills – and some of the downhills – though.

    Interestingly the dry weather has made some of the trails more awkward to ride. Both Coldwell Clough and Shooting Cabins were looser than I’ve known them and like riding on marbles in places.

    Premier Icon unklehomered

    Kinder loop sat, Jacobs was impossible then too… but awesome on the way down! Big thanks to the riders who saved my mate’s ride with a tube!

    Premier Icon kimbers

    popped my antur stiniog cherry

    slick, fast uplift and the trails are proper good

    the 2 black runs are proper rocky fun black powder is steep!

    never managed the drop in of death at the bottom of the trails though

    Premier Icon mattjg

    Am riding the Big Dog in 2 weeks so wanted to get some ‘training’ in, hence I took the SS out on Saturday for a 40km Surrey Hills loop, after a few weeks on gears.

    It was a struggle, gears make me soft!


    Solo rode to Llandegla Saturday, was there for 9.15 and it was quiet.

    Then Saturday night prepped the bike for a big ride to Wales, again made my way to One Plantet then met a few mates and we rode the moors to Pondarosa, then the 3 hills opposite and then looped to Llangollan via Horse Shoe Falls. Then rode up to Panarama View, stopped off at a Tea Room called Prospects for some well earned food then rode the moors to Worlds End.

    Once back at Llandegla we finished a fast route of the Blue.

    Then had to ride the 22 miles home, and of course it bloody pee’d down all the way home! Did it bother me? Not really as the day was brilliant, got to be the best single track I have ever rode.


    On hols, and still working on my strained knee (plenty of swimming) so only a gentle road loop of 23 miles here in sunny South of France. Hoping to be able to put the knobblies back on before we leave to do some trails up in the Cevenne though. 8)

    Premier Icon I_did_dab

    2 1/2 hours of riding in constant rain, came home covered in grass seeds and sticky jacks, reminded me what a proper summer ride was like 😀 Rule #9 applied. Nettle tingle has just faded…


    Went to Cannock to ride the monkey on Friday night after work, ending in the dark. I had a proper light and was by myself which was more than slightly spooky in the middle of the forest in the dark by myself. Shortened it by going straight on instead of right at the top of kit bag hill as had parked at tackeroo, only to ride past loads of teenagers sat around cars pumping out tunes being blinded by my head light. Sunday night did a local loop and as I was short of time I spanked it round and got 3 PRs on Strava. Ace!


    So me and my new riding buddy went to the south peaks for what would be his third ever ride.

    Top of Black Rocks ready for first descent of the day.

    Doesn’t that rocky single track look like fun!

    My mate descending through the woods.

    Having a rest during the transition from Birch woods to Chrich Chase.

    The view from the top of Crich Chase.

    And from the top of Shining Cliff Woods.

    Me descending down ‘The Stream’ in Shining Cliff Woods which is where I had my off for the day as I washed out on the slippy roots.

    Premier Icon mattjg

    Nettle tingle has just faded…

    My bramble scars make me look like a self-abuse victim.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Yup I’ve been on nights.

    Premier Icon Zaskar93

    Met up with a bunch of mates on Saturday for a clockwise ride from Edale up around Mam Tor and Rushup before the long climb up to and great descent of Jacobs Ladder. Dry and dusty trails, sunny all day; great riding. Couple of beers, home for a BBQ and more beers. Sweet! Nipped inside before the thunder started. Woken by my wife at 4.20AM Sunday morning as we had no electricity. Bugger; cellar flooded and fridge, freezer, tumble dryer or dehumidifier had tripped the power off. Isolated that circuit, pumped the cellar out (again, just like last summer!) with the mega pump my mate has lent to me and started drying things out. Freezer works OK but still waiting/working on the dryer dehumidifer and fridge, so the beer isn’t cold! Could have been worse.

    4th road ride for me. 50+ miles, first 20 were Cheshire lanes then up for Mow Cop. Tailor-made for beasting MTB stylee 🙂

    Longer climbs are another ball game..!

    Am finding the road more satisfying than expected…oh dear!!

    Premier Icon kendonagasaki

    We did this –

    Sunny all day, fantastic dry trails (a few puddles alongside llyn cowlyd) and some pretty spectacular views in Snowdonia.
    Great day out.


    On Sunday we did Hayfield to Edale via Jacob’s ladder, lunch in Edale with the roadies from our club, then back to Hayfield via Chapel gate and Roich clough.

    Premier Icon postierich

    100 km loop with a beer stop and bivving thrown in it was moist most of the night

    DSCF3566[1] by Richard Munro, on Flickr

    DSCF3559[1] by Richard Munro, on Flickr

    DSCF3578[1] by Richard Munro, on Flickr

    DSCF3574[1] by Richard Munro, on Flickr


    I had a goodbye ride on my Commencal in Surrey Sat then Peaks Sunday before I strip it down and……build up a 08 Patriot 8)

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