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  • Missold a service plan by a main dealer
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    Pester them on Twitter, FB, etc, peaceful (but vocal) demonstration outside the branch you bought from. Make every potential customer aware that they are crooks.

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    Obviously slating them on social media but beyond that I’m not sure what options are open to me.

    Not sure you can do anything else and I doubt ^ will make any real difference


    It seems that many critical service items are included as “optional extras” in the manufacturers service schedules. My car for example needs a gear box fluid change at 50k which is listed by Ford as a “chargeable extra” to the standard 50k service.

    Full service history – not worth the paper its printed on (until trade in time comes along then its worth loads!!).
    Stack of receipts from a good independent garage – worth much much more to me.

    However there is one huge advantage to main dealer servicing – they are able (and willing) to check back though their records to determine exactly what has been done to the car. There is also the question of goodwill and out of warranty claims.

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    Is this a typical showroom with huge walls of glass? Do you own a catapult? 8)


    It doesn’t sound to me as if it was Bristol Street Motors who sold you the service plan. I expect they’ll just say your beef is with Motor Assured and I think chasing MA on it isn’t too promising if their service schedule is as vague as you say.


    So I will hold my hands up here and say some of this is my fault for not checking the service paperwork more thoroughly. This is the situation:

    Bought a car from Bristol street motors back in April 2013, was contacted by motor assured (their service and warranty company) and sold a service plan, was sold it under the understanding that it followed the recommended manufacturers schedule and order of service, even asked the sales person at the time if it included changing the belts at the 100K service, was told yes. Plan expired in December, was contacted again and renewed, again sold as manufacturers schedule and included the belts, even had the service schedule and price adjusted to include the 100k service (both times I specifically asked about the belts and both times told yes).

    So my car went in for its 100K service last week and was rather shocked to discover that the belts hadn’t been changed, asked why not, was told that it would never include the belts and the service was only a “health check” and a oil and oil filter change, speaking to the service manager his attitude was “tough luck mate”. Was rather disgruntled and so the next day contacted motor assured to cancel and complain. Checked the paperwork and while the service plan is named and the schedule of services displayed no where does it mention what would actually be done. Had a “chat” with a team supervisor who told me that the conversation from December would be on record and able to be reviewed so could check out what was said, lo and behold the recording was unavailable, what a surprise, so unfortunately all they could offer me was a heavily discounted manufacturers service plan, Err no thanks!

    So the situation is this: cars had its first major service, not done what was told would be done, its my word against theirs and as there is no regulation on service plans (though ombudsman is looking into it) there is little recourse with the ombudsman. So what is the Hive minds suggested next move? Obviously slating them on social media but beyond that I’m not sure what options are open to me.

    Have obviously learnt an important lesson and whenever the car needed any work I took it to a cheaper garage that I trusted, but to be honest as I believed the belts were included in the service plan it seemed wise to stick with Bristol street for the servicing!

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