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  • Middleburn C'rings – any good ?
  • markcdo

    The time has come to shell out for a new set of c'rings. I have an xt m760 c'set and repalcement rings either 760 or 770 seem well expensive, I've spotted a complete set of Middleburn Slickshift hardcote rings on CRC for £65ish, question is, are they any good?

    reviews on CRC seem positive.

    answers on a postcard please

    or just post here…….thanks


    Yep, nice rings, dont shift as well as shimano, but nicely made & last well


    2 words:

    Steel Deore.



    I've got one of the slickshift big rings, so far it's lasted much longer than the original XT one.


    as above, they last a long time.


    thanks all, decision made, although peterpoddy has a point…

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I heard a lot of people griping about chainsuck, so I went with Deore instead. They just work.


    had two sets – first was destroyed at the first HTN, second hasn't lasted much longer so have replaced them with worn '09 XT rings off another bike 'cos Shimano '09 XT shift better and last longer in my experience.

    EDIT – yup loads of chainsuck with them – no problems with XT.

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    They make great single speed rings.

    Great chainrings. No problems with chain suck,but then again,I haven't with XT,or Raceface.

    at least ten years with the 46, ten with aTA and the same with a middleburn 26. at least 15,000 miles.

    the wheels are still going round, what else can you say.

    Premier Icon whyter

    Pretty tough. I had to space my outer away from the middle because the protruding shift ramps were catching the chain in middle ring/small sprocket. But no big deal.

    Premier Icon ononeorange

    Run a few sets. Never had any problems with chain suck or unexpected wear. Good as far as my experience goes – I wouldn't look at anything else in future.

    Premier Icon nickc

    I prefer TA for after market chainrings. Always found the coating on Middleburn doesn't last particularly well, and without the slick-shift they can be a stern test of your front mech…

    at least ten years with the 46, ten with aTA and the same with a middleburn 26. at least 15,000 miles.

    Someone's really not trying very hard. I don't even get that kind of life on the road bike.


    I think the 4-bolts shift fairly well and last well but the Duos are terrible for shifting


    Still working after 6 months. Eliminated suck and at the same time pimps the bike.


    I use em, and have no issue with shifting or life.
    I found that though when you do eventually get chain suck, if you ignore it & work through it, they work fine for months after.


    I have run the Middleburn Slickshift Hardcote rings on my Blur for 3 years and they last far longer than the original Shimano rings. Just note there is a special middle ring for 760 chainsets which is out of stock at CRC also I found the rings slightly thinner and the Shimano bolts too long so the the middle and outer ring was not tight which was sorted out with Middleburn bolts.


    Yep hardcotes are great ….no chainsuck here but the original chainring bolts needed a washer to work with the new rings


    Yes they last well – can also recommend Blackspire rings


    found them to be great on a SS but rubbish on a geared bike, do not shift the chain very well from the middle to granny ring


    Really depends on how you define good, they are ideal for me, fit and forget and seem to last forever (hardcoat), although I beleive that they may not shift as well as Shimano, but then how well does worn Shimano shift anyway…..;


    bobbins chainsuck due to them being so thick.

    steel deore all the way, only available in silver though, but if you run a bash ring no-one need see your inappropriately coloured chainrings ever again


    One middleburn chainring has lasted longer than three shimano rings. Not tried the deore steel so can't comment on a comparison there. Never had any shifting or chainsuck issues

    Premier Icon speaker2animals

    Conclusive proof then that there is no conclusive proof. Mine have worked fine so far. Never had a shift or chain suck problem either.

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