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  • Frankers

    I’m a big fan of merino base layers which I use regularly in colder months and also when riding, normally under a Gore soft shell jacket or short sleeved jersey. I have tops from Icebreaker, Smartwool & Embers and love them all

    I have noticed though at the pub stop after a ride they do hold onto sweat and take a while to dry out, it’s never caused much discomfort though as the pub usually has the fire on to keep warm.

    Just recently though I’ve tried a new “Core-Merino” base-layer from Embers which has a Merino inner and a Polyester outer, the difference in warmth (when stopped riding) and how quick it dries out compared to pure merino is fantastic.


    If you’re looking for a winter riding base-layer these are definitely worth a go. The fit is also slightly less baggy than merino due to a small amount of elastane.

    My pure merino tops will now only be used for when it gets a bit warmer and other none riding activities.

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    Ground Effect Submerino is similar and has been around for years. Helly Hansen also do a mixed-fibre top. There are probably others.


    Ground effect make the best stuff IMO. Love my Baked Alaska!

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    I have an old Baked Alaska thats been through the wars, but still remains one of my fave bits of riding kit !

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    I find bamboo base layers dry quicker than merino, the Aldi t-shirt last month is proving a bargain

    Premier Icon stevenmenmuir

    Another Ground Effect fan.

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