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    I’m planning on doing the southern half, starting from Charlestown on Friday.

    Are there any parking spots nearby, or is it just a case of find a spot on the side of the road?

    I just plan on going towards Waterfoot and then come back along the road.


    Go and ask on, Ian will know.


    I don’t remember many public parking places. There are some garages where the route meets the main road where you could physically park but I didn’t think it was appropriate. I parked at the railway station and rode 2 easy miles along the towpath.

    Premier Icon ratherbeintobago

    [thick question]Whereabouts is Charlestown?[/thick questions]

    There are a few places (Greenbooth/Watergrove) on the Rochdale side where there are public car parks more-or-less on the MTL.


    Whereabouts is Charlestown?

    I asked myself the same question as it sounded familiar but couldn’t place it.

    Charlestown lies in the steep-sided, Upper Calder Valley in Yorkshire in the UK. The River Calder rises in the Lancashire Pennines and flows into the river Humber on the East Coast.

    Charlestown consists of about 300 people living a series of clusters of houses running along the valley bottom and sides.

    So it’s a niche Hebden Bridge.

    I guess it’s about where the bridleway crosses the Tod-Hebden road…there is a layby or two on that main road (usually with a catering van)…I think in the Tod direction up the main road.


    There’s a (free) car park at Rodwell End on the A646 between Tod and Hebden Bridge, or a large lay-by slightly closer to Hebden.

    Either that or go up to Lumbutts and park on the road by the chapel between the Top Brink Inn and Mankinholes village. Good grub and beer at the Top Brink for post ride refereshment.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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