Mapping all local singletrack/routes on one map

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  • Mapping all local singletrack/routes on one map
  • I want to create a map of my local singletrack on a single map so that I can see if there is a good way to link it all together while minimising the Fireroads.

    I have tried looking at a map, but it is difficult to pinpoint where some of them start/end without tracing the whole route which would take a long time so I thought I would try and use technology

    Googlemaps was easier as I can flick between Satellite images and maps, but it still takes a long time for each section and there are probably 50-70 that I want to record

    I don’t have a GPS, but do have a smartphone. I currently use Strava to record my general riding and have tried creating some segments, but I cant see a way of showing them all on one map (there is only a list view)

    I used to use Endomondo about 2 years ago, but I don’t think that did it either. My wife uses MapMyRun for her running routes, but I have not tried it yet

    Is there anything that will let me do this simply? I am happy to hit a ‘button’ at the start and end of each section to help with the data collection, but this seems to create lots of small maps rather than one consolidated map

    TIA πŸ™‚


    OruxMaps might do what you are after but not used it much yet so cant say for sure.


    The way I do it is to export the individual rides from Endomondo and import into OS Getamap (I have a subscription) then save each ride as a file. Then I edit them together by drawing on a fresh JPG Map (pdf converted to jpg) using a drawing tool (SketchBook) drawing just the trails. I only draw the trails I’m invested in not all the linking bits which where part of the ride

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    Viewranger app and openstreetmaps – sorted.


    I did exactly this in Google Earth,

    Use your Smartphone to create a GPX file (you should be able to export them from Endomondo or get something else on your phone that will record them).

    Open Google Earth
    DO a File..Open… and select the GPX file. It will appear as a Google Earth “Path”. Name it, colour it, whatever.
    Save what you’ve just created in a .kmz file

    Do another File….Open… and repeat.

    When you’re finished, it might look something like this…


    great!, i would like to do this too

    Cheers Scotroutes, that’s slightly more complicated than I hoped, but looks possible. Just downloading Viewranger now (I used to have it, but needed space on my phone so deleted it πŸ˜• )

    I may have to do a few extra (convoluted)rides this week πŸ˜€

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    Could you try the heatmap feature or a variation?

    That’s all activities (I think) but could be useful.

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    Started doing something similar. Mainly waypointing the bottom of trails every time I went past one that look worthy of investigation, then look them up on Google Earth, Gmaps, and Open Street Map, to find out where the top end of the trails are.

    In reality, just opening Open Street Map showed a shed load of tracked paths indicating different type of path, so just needed to make something up from there, stick it thru favourite online route planner tool then go for a ride.

    @kcal – Ah! That Strava one looks ideal πŸ™‚ I think I will make a new account and just record the Singletrack, that way there will be no ‘noise’ πŸ˜€

    @ ATR – I tried that, but the area is crisscrossed with fire roads and the stuff I want to map is specifically the singletrack. Ideally I can then overlay the data onto something like openstreetmap and plot the shortest fire road routes between the fun stuff to create a few 10-15 mile loops πŸ™‚

    The strava heatmaps will be good.

    In the past i have made my own in photoshop. Didnt take a great deal of effort…

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    Should see the number of fireroads here. OSM Map is insane now that so much has been mapped. Some places are ca. 100m grid of fireroad (some gravel, others just twintrack) and bits of single track in between.

    In general, the kind of dotted/dashed line they use on Open Street Map gives a clue as to whether it’s fire road or single track, and around here, also has numbered/labelled bike routes marked on (more than shed loads) edit: and shed loads of labelled/signed walking paths too. OS maps just indicate whether it’s footpath or bridleway (etc.).

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    Some good ideas here. I have often thought about compiling a “piste map” of the local singletrack routes, not for any particular reason, just because.

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    with programmable names? Colin’s map above has names for tracks, which is great; but they can be user or group specific as I found, so that different folk can refer to the same trail by a number of names.. πŸ™‚

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