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  • RealMan

    I know and have heard of people who ride with their dogs, so you could use it as an excuse to ride more..

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    We recently got a golden lab from the RSPCA. He’s 4 and as calm as anything.

    He’s wonderful.

    Go and look around the rescue centers and get a calm (non jumping up at the gate doing cartwheels and barking type) and you’ll have a great dog.

    Plus it misses out the couch / kitchen eating phase.

    Our puppy is 5 1/2 months old and she has been a hell of a lot of work, she’s great though.


    I’m thinking of getting a dog and as I have 2 daughters I assume that come the bad weather I will be sole carer.

    I don’t want to make a rash decision and regret it as I think it is very unfair on the animal if you can’t devote the right time and effort to looking after one.

    My question is, who has one and how much time and effort do they really take and what have you had to give up / compromise as a result? (what I really mean is riding time)

    Should mention I’m thinking about a German Shorthaired Pointer.

    Many thanks


    They dont understand saturday morning lay in. when they’re not walking at 0600 they’ll let you know. Its great having one 😀


    Wrong forum.


    Do you have any spare time at the moment, of the magnitude that you could fit in a couple of walks a day, etc…?


    Check out the Kera (Dog thread) from an hour ago. GSPs great, you might even do more riding, they/it will certainly want you to. Very good with children, trainable, well tempered but some GSPs can whistle/wine in the house.


    My Border is Top, however it’s the first dog I have owned and have been responsible for (other than the ones my parents had). They do take a lot of work, an will keep you busy. From cleaning up the sh1t in the yard to walking them ever day they can take up a fair amount of your free time. I would suggest researching the breeds and maybe borrow a friends dog to see if you can handle it?! My GF’s sister is looking after are dog when we are away, lets see if she still wants a dog after a week then?!

    good luck.

    Premier Icon IdleJon

    I inherited my father’s 2 retrievers last October – he’d remarried and moved to a smaller house.

    He buys the dog food, pays vet bills etc so we don’t have any financial outlay apart from kennels when needed.

    BUT – they are a complete pain. Hair everywhere. Muddy pawprints everywhere. Picking up dog poo from the back yard on a regular basis. Walks every day, whether I’ve spent 5 hour on the bike or not. I spend more time cleaning after the dogs than I do because of the kids.

    HOWEVER – the girls love them, and will grow up not being afraid of large dogs. I’ve seen more wildlife this year than ever while walking them. In the winter I was finding myself standing in the middle of walking them staring at the stars on several occasions. (If anyone had seen me they may have assumed I was mental!)

    My conclusion is that I’d grudgingly admit that I like having them, and any excuse to be outside is good. Can you get hairless, pooless dogs?


    Walking it shouldn’t be a problem at the speed you ride, it will be able to pull you along 😆

    PS what time are we biking tomorrow night? 😀


    Kids grow up, dogs don’t

    pop larkin

    We’ve got a GSP and he’s great- good excuse to get you out on the bike as well. Does need at least an hour a day exercise though- and would happily take much more. Ours has a great temperament and loves the kids but is a bit clumsy.


    [PS what time are we biking tomorrow night?]

    I’ll set off at 5 and you should catch me up by half past. 😀

    Will aim to be at yours for 5.30 to 6, still looking at routes, will discuss tomorrow.

    Can I bring the dog and some latex coated nuts?????


    GSP are hard work trust me I have one! Good dogs but need too much excercise. I have never seen a dog that is as hyper and I have heard the same from lots of owners. what about a whippet they are a nice easy going dog and easy to look after. Healthy breed too.

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