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  • justatheory

    Do any Mancs on here go for road rides? I’ve not got any road riding mates and it gets a bit boring on my own, road riding in a group is much better. Or if anyone knows of any clubs in North Manc that have intro rides?

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    where about?

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    A few friends are members of the Wheelers and seem to enjoy it. They let you tag along before joining up I believe.

    I go out every now and then but I’m from the South (of Manchester)


    I do but mostly on my tod, never braved a club. I’m in Oldham so go up hebden way or saddleworth or peaks if that’s any interest


    Wheelers or Chorlton Velo both nice bunch. If you think you might like slow pace try Man Tri as their “group 1” Sunday ride tends to be shorter & slower


    I’m new to all this road lark but demands on my time have forced it.

    Done a couple of intro rides with the wheelers and a couple of club runs with chorlton velo. Enjoyed both, chorlton were less serious and more chatty.

    Snake pass Then mam nick nearly ruined me though.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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