Machynlleth, Nant-yr-Arian or Coed-Y?

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  • Machynlleth, Nant-yr-Arian or Coed-Y?
  • Mach has some great local riding, but you’ll need a guide. The Cli-Machx trail is a brilliant descent, but the climb is pretty dull.

    Nant was a lot more natural last time I was there, but that was many, many years ago.

    You know what you’re getting with Coedy (personally I’m not a massive fan – some great sections, but all a little too ‘trail centre’, unsurprisingly).

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    For actual natural, Machynlleth. The Mach trails. Nant is just as much a trail Ctr as Coed but fewer trails. However Mark of Zorro at Nant is ace.

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    If you like the more natural stuff, then you can’t beat the syfydrin loop at Nanty. It’s long, technical, goes off into the countryside, quiet – but also takes in nearly all the best singletrack too. Mach trails are quiet and fairly natural but not as exciting, except for the cli-machx. Certainly wouldn’t choose CyB if you like a natural feel and some quietude.

    I think Nant is quite different to CyB btw, not so much surfaced motorway ‘singletrack’..


    Agree with Nanty and the Syfydrin loop. We did it a a few weeks ago for the first time in about three or four years and I always forget how good it is. A good mix of out in the wilds and trail centre swoopyness.

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    Weekend in Wales coming up in September and want to ride one day (on the way up from Malvern) then uplift @ Antur on the 2nd day.

    Have done Coed-Y before and wasn’t overly impressed as we like the more natural feel and not so much fire-road 😐 So which of these 3 would you choose for a day’s riding?

    1: Machynlleth
    2: Nant-yr-Arian
    3: Coed-Y

    Vote now 🙂

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    I really loved Nant-yr-Arian, an excellent ride that has a really wild element to it.


    Definitely option 4 – Penmachno 😉 (V. close to Blaneu).

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    Climachx is pretty similar to CyB. A little wilder and a cracking descent but quite trail centre-y if you don’t like that. The other trails around town are more natural and need a bit of navigation. Feels nice and wild. There are gpx routes around. NyA is nice. Not as full on a man made feel as CyB but still very much a trail centre. I liked it but then I like CyB.

    From your list I’d do Mach if the weather is nice and NyA if its a bit damp


    Syfydrin is great when the trails are dusty.
    When wet some sections are just bloody awful, especially climbs.
    Climachx is not amazing but the last descent is a hoot.
    Penmachno is same old same old with a horrible open bit at the top of the wind is against you.
    At least you can chop and change as you like at coed y brenin knowing that you’re never too far from the caff for a bacon sandwich.


    What do you all think of Cadair Idris and Pont Scethin as an alternative to what’s already been mentioned?


    I’d say nant. It’s as close to proper wilderness riding as you will ever get from a trail centre. The singletrack has a proper flow to it. It’s my favourite welsh venue yet.

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    Nant is the bestest

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    i think something like this came up before. i didn’t rate Mac for biking, found it a little boring apart from the chute, i think it’s called.
    Defo Nant

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    Mach with either a guide, or a gpx of the dyfi enduro route.

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