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  • Nothing like the ClimachX … they’re (or they were) waymarked routes on BW etc. I say they were as I believe the signage has been taken down. Pop into the Holy Trail for the latest and to get a trail map but take an OS with you too, chances are you’ll need it at some point. Oh and they start from the centre of Mach’.

    I’m planning a bit of a roadtrip next weekend, and I’ve never ridden them – worth riding or what? How do they compare to the Cli-Machx? Oh, and where do they start?


    I did Mach 3 about 2 years ago now – route is very much an XC route (fair amount of fire road & some sections which might get a little boggy, some nice downhils), but I still enjoyed it.

    If the signage has been taken down it’s since I rode it, but I will say some of the signs were not very visible any more (sun exposure had faded the colour quite a bit)

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    The Chute is great fun but it’s carnage in the wet.


    I personally didn’t like climachx. Too many nasty surprises of off camber and otherwise unrideable bits. YMMV.

    Rob Hilton

    Is down at the mo, but now isn’t the time to be doing the 1,2 & 3 as they’re taking the waymarkers down in order to change the routes. Why they’ve chosen to do it this way and not put up the new routes & then remove the old I don’t know (maybe to avoid confusion).

    I didn’t think all that much of them really, nice rides, but the kind of xc you could do almost anywhere in Wales – e.g. nothing like the wonderful climachx* (my view does vary! unrideable bits??)

    When I’m in the area I usu do Nant yr Arian or Dyfi Forest.

    *Haven’t done it in full for some years, mainly just repeat the descent til I can’t take it any more :mrgreen:

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    Too many nasty surprises of off camber and otherwise unrideable bits

    Every inch of the ClimachX is rideable

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    “Every inch of the ClimachX is rideable”

    There was a short section at the start of the exposed rocky bit before the final decent that had worn away. Thats now been repaired (nice work lads) still tricky thou :-).

    If you fancy a big day in the hills thats waynarked try Nant the unpronoucable long route. Or Penmachno.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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