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    Do they slow down like laptops/ pcs do?



    Mines 4 years old and works fine. Quick as it ever was.

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    Mines nearly 4 years old as well – still works fine, can’t say I’ve noticed it slowing down. Like any computer don’t let the hard disk get too full. I use CCleaner a lot too.

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    I have a late 2008 unibody macbook 2.4 GHz, recently updated with 8GB of ram and a 750 gb ssd drive and it fairly zips along, it’s never took the huff or locked out in near enough 6 yrs of use so well worth it and i dunno how it can slow down? – do pc’s do this?.

    (Haven’t had a pc since 1998)


    5 years old and running fine. Even better since I upped the memory to 8 gig and put a SSD in.


    Yeah, they can slow down. But neither a Mac or a PC will slow down if maintained well.


    4 year old MacBook pro here, runs like new, never had to do anything to it. Battery doesn’t last as long as when i first got it but it does go through a cycle every day so its to be expected.

    Last pc was 3 years old when i changed had to reformat it it 5 or 6 times in the 3 years and it wouldn’t even start up towards the end with out being plugged in the battery was that knackered.

    Wont be changing back.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Just bought a 2009 MacBook Pro from the classifieds on here, works like a dream according to the ladyfriend who uses it!

    Cheers Garry!


    I’ve had one for about six months max now, bought it new. I would say maybe has slowed down a bit, which is inevitable I suppose as you fill it up with stuff.

    How do you look after a mac please?


    I’ve also got a 2008 Macbook Pro, still works very well. I’ve upgraded the memory and hard drive to SSD, which would make a massive difference in a PC as well.

    It has slowed down slightly over the years but it hasn’t been reinstalled for about 3 years, it’s used almost 8hrs per day and only shut down once or twice a week.


    Yep. Mines a load of shit. Takes three fricking days to wake up, tops out the memory quickly, slows down, loses wireless connection regularly.

    Windows 7 PC is faultless. Been rebooted like, once in a year. Press a button on the keyboard, it’s up and running in 5 seconds.

    Changing from firefox to chrome helped a bit but it still takes 30 seconds to wake up sometimes.

    Once it warms up it’s fine but still needs rebooting on a regular basis to keep it sweet. Nothing special installed. Chrome (now), native email, itunes. GIMP. Nothing special.

    Nice bit of kit hardware wise but it’s just another computer and the OS is no better than anything else. It’s certainly worse than windows 7 in my experience. touchpad multi-finger gestures are very nice.


    Wot scuzz said.

    And my MBP crashes, normally on wake. I also get the beach ball of dooooooooooom on occasion.

    W7 PC on the other hand has been faultless. Perhaps I have a Friday MBP….


    Also, don’t plug your android phone into it because it’ll crash when you do it. They KNOW.


    mine new one is ok, my old one did become slower despite using cocktail and ccleaner


    The only thing that has slowed down on my 2009 MacBook is the boot up and shut down times as I’ve updated the OS. When new it was 35 secs to boot up and 4.5 secs to shut down. That went up to about 2 mins and 1 min respectively with mavericks (better than mountain lion) but I’ve just replaced the HDD and back to 35 secs and about a minute.


    2008 Unibody MacBook here, upgraded to 8GB RAM, 64GB SSD. Still run like a dream for most everyday stuff, although I don’t use it as my main everyday machine any more (Late 2012 MacMini Server for that).

    tops out the memory quickly

    Thats probably due to the way UNIX system handle memory. Take a look at this screenshot:

    On a UNIX system Inactive memory is marked as used. However, this is stuff you’ve used previously being stored in memory ready for reuse. It means that file you closed ten minutes ago can be opened faster next time. However, should that memory be required actively by another application it’ll flush it and hand over as much as it needed. You can see in activity monitor all the memory is marked as used, even though much of it isn’t active.

    Apologies if you already know this, but it might help someone else understand whats going on if all their memory appears full.

    My experience has been that they slow down much less than Windows PC’s. Every WinPC I’ve had has become increasingly sluggish over time – despite the work ones running the same software.

    I’ve been running Macs at home/Nicolai for 6 years or so now and they just don’t seem to degrade in the same way (and I don’t do any clean up to it).

    However, if you keep upgrading the OS and Apps each year the developers tend to assume ever increasing amounts of memory will be available. A 6 year old iMac was fine but for some reason a 3 year old Macbook struggled with Mavericks.

    Best upgrade you can make to a machine is an SSD – with more memory and an SSD the Macbook is as quick as a brand new iMac. Disk write speed has much more impact than processor for many tasks now.


    My repeated experience with my 3 year old Air is that since Mavericks it can’t be relied upon any more:

    1) Wifi now unreliable and can suffer huge packet loss
    2) Google “sleep/wake failure” – I’m sick to the back teeth of opening it to find it’s restarted itself.

    Neither of these issues was present prior to 10.9. Neither seems to be acknowledged by Apple. I’m quite happy to say I’ll be replacing it with a windows ultrabook when its time comes.


    Mine is about 18 months old and I haven’t had to fiddle with it at all. Just works well every time.

    Probably crashed about 3 times in all that time and I have turned it off/ reset it a similar number of times.

    Premier Icon zbonty

    Mine is a good 6+ years old so i win!

    No ‘maintenance’ or upgrades whatsoever. Just daily use. No issues to report*

    *will obviously blow up next week

    My 3GS phone is 4.5 years old and starting to fade..


    A Mac is a PC. 🙄


    ^A Mac is a Personal Computer but it is not a PC.

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