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  • righty, slight dilemna here – i currently live at home with parents, nice respectable low m&s insurance charge yearly- which i gladly pay half – the bikes insured as i live there currently through parents contents which is fine,so no problems currently….

    however i am almost certainly going to be moving out at some point this year, and would still like to keep the bike stored at parents with m&s insurance…its safer there, easier to get to where i go riding and generally im happier it being there….

    so where do i stand on this? as its my bike staying at there address in the future, but my name on all receipts but i no longer live there? would it still be covered under there contents? alternatively could i not hand the bike over some how and have it in my dads name, or give it him…how could one prove this for insurance purposes? please help this is worrying me 🙁

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    Why don’t you ask M&S Insurance for advice?


    What don’t you give your parents the money and put them on the insurance? If you have photos then that’s some proof and surely if they get nicked etc your folks just claim just as if you had guests who parked their bikes in your garage – you would claim on their behalf?

    But as said above its not fraud so just ask M&S?

    foxy – id still be paying half the contents insurance as only fair – not sure you name things on m & s??

    as for ringing – at work at the mo, just wondered if anyone had a similar problem in the past?

    i could easily say ive given it my father or such like, then its his property, all the receipts would be in my name but same address…but not sure how i could confirm id given it to him?

    do they payout just on the basis of photos? like i said they are getting a premium every year from my parents (half paid by me) so they are no worse off….

    did wonder about that with parents claiming, as its there insurance anyways, i just live there so am covered, just dont quite know if it would be covered with me not living there but the bike doing so….

    like you said though they cover guests belongings etc, so i would have thought it was fine


    Just look at it as though you bought them as present to your father. As long as you can prove the bikes exist there shouldnt be any problems. They dont know who actually owns them. Ringing them would potentially cause a problem as it would alert them to the situation


    I don’t think ownership is really important – it is where they are stolen from is?

    OW – I mean’t put the policy in their name and you pay your half to them and then there is no issue?

    cheers guys –

    foxy its already in there name, its there house, there policy, im just convered as i live there and everything matches the address..

    was more concerned as i may not live there in future but the bikes still there…. like said above though theres nothing to say i havent given it to my dad as a present etc…


    Cant see that its an issue, you’re not required to declare anything specific with M&S unless its worth over £4k IIRC. I dont believe ownership has to be determined, only its value.
    Oh and its their, not there (sorry, but it grates a tad).

    If I was kind and bought you a bike that you stored at your house as it’s your bike and it got stolen, my name would be on the invoice as I bought it for you but it would be covered as it’s your bike.

    If you store it at your parents house and it got stolen, whether or not you live there wouldn’t be an issue as your parents would just claim it as their own property. Your Dad would just say you left it for him when you moved out if they quibbled over the name on the invoice.

    Not an issue I think.

    cheers guys, pretty much what M&S have said is i wouldnt be covered as its my bike and im not living there anymore, so i said well what if i left it and gave it to my father and it will be stored there under there property under there contents insurance, she then changed and said that was fine, not sure how id prove ive given it him? would his word be enough?…but as long as its covered i dont care…still not 100% convinced with them saying its not covered as its my bike and name on the invoices 🙁

    am i worrying over nothing here?

    sorry bigyinn – more there’s instead of their’s – apologies squire 🙂

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