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  • Premier Icon Jon Taylor

    So I’ve got the really expensive hobby. Like really expensive. Most people in this developed country sit on benches drinking cider but I’m doing pretty well in life so have a really expensive hobby.

    So I could make do with what I’ve got but I’m determined to spend my heard earned (I say “heard earned” but actually spend all my working day on STW complaining about intrusive ads that might get me fired).

    So I’ve decide that this new oojimaflip that the magazines are bigging up and the hype wagon has squeezed into my wood-stove smoke-infused brain is what I really want. After all, everyone on Pinkbike says they can’t believe how much better their life is with this awesome piece of kit. It’ll really finish off my steed, complete my quiver.

    So where can I get it cheapest? I’m not fussed about how helpful the staff are because I’m going to buy online, I’m not going to read any reviews because it’s all made up… and it absolutely has to be the cheapest.

    I’ll cry like a baby when they don’t dispatch it immediately and scream like hell when it breaks and they don’t have the resource to run an efficient warranty service, but hell, I’m the customer and I’m always right. Anyone charging more than the absolute minimum (even if that’s below their wholesale price) is a bastard profiteering capitalist and I’m not going to shop there.

    So where’s cheapest?


    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    How do you earn money by hearing?

    “heard earned”

    Also, the adverts at the back of your Daily Mail will be a good starting point for you.


    Chain reaction are the cheapest 😐

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    and it doesn’t matter how long it takes me to save 5.26 on my new thousand pound toy as I’m doing all this on work time.


    Only cheap in 650b

    Premier Icon vinnyeh

    Packet of hobnobs to the staff at your lbs will see you right, even for a new frame, I’d you’re managing the relationship right.
    When I take in a packet I not only receive a price match with the best online deal- even if it’s going to be less than trade- :wink:I also get a free coffee.
    Support your lbs, and they’ll support you, even if it hurts.
    Best quid pro quo I can think of.

    Premier Icon Drac

    I can do you one cheaper but have to use paypal gift to keep the costs down.


    I’ve already got several but can sell you one cheap, actually no I can sell it you for more than you can buy for online as I have ‘heard’ you have far too much cash and no sense. 😉

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Bravo OP.


    If the item you seek is fragile and likely to need warranty support, I recommend buying from Germany to save £5.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Furthermore, if the item you require is available in different sizes, make sure you pester all your mates/forums for sizing advice, so as you can buy online cheaply, rather than going and trying the product for size yourself.

    Amateur – you need to “showroom” it at as many local shops as possible, using as much of the salespersons time as possible, before scanning the qr code and loudly proclaiming how much cheaper it is from China.


    Also, any structural deficiencies in your item must be indistinguishable in appearance to a sticker.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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