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  • Jamie

    Have a nice warm cup of MTFU and you should be good to go again.


    It happens to us all, it will return, just bear with it.


    Ach – it happens. Relax and enjoy the next one.


    happened to me last year, will probably happen again this year if the UK monsoon starts soon. If it does I will take up running again.

    Its probably with my bottle that I lost on saturday

    Premier Icon dawson

    i had been on my bike every weekend since christmas up until last weekend

    (some may say this isn’t that great an achievement, but with my bird and 2 kids, i thought i had done pretty well).

    i missed last weekend due to other stuff happening, and then, like a flash, its gone.

    I don’t know whether to persevere or to leave it for a couple of weeks

    I was on a tad downer after this weekend’s ride to be honest as it was somewhat too technical and I just felt like not that good a rider. Physically my legs only got me to the summit (i.e half way along, it was a there and back ride) and I was really low on energy trying to get back.

    But you know, next weekend I’ll ride somewhere more within my capabilities and the big smiles will return. Just get back on your bike and ride somewhere you love!


    dawson- ive found it!
    If its not yours Ive got 1 to spare!

    Premier Icon stuartlangwilson

    Easily fixed, all you need is a spanish washing machine.


    Now the weather has got better, get out on your bike more, your mojo will return quite quickly. I’ve gone thru the same just recently, not been out on the bikes much over the winter and 2 new bikes with different geometry/feel etc. i’m just about getting back (and beyond) where I left off last year.


    yeah my mojo has slumped and i dont even have the weather to blame. its a phase, like the recession. oh.

    ach well im pretty sure my mojo will return, just need to see some mud again

    I felt the same over the last couple of weeks. Nothing seemed to flow properly and ended up having a couple of small accidents and didn’t seem to feel like riding that much.

    Really started to feel like it again towards the end of last week but got a feking cold/flu virus all weekend which cancelled any riding plans.

    At least I’m running through singletrack in my head again when I go to sleep. I really started to worry when I stopped doing that.

    Premier Icon dawson

    abandoned a ride half way through the route today, felt like i had lost my mojo. just wasn’t up for it.

    if anybody finds one lying about, its mine.

    that is all.


    My mojo was making noises like it wanted to leave on Saturday. Fortunately stubborn b’stard was also visiting at the same time and made me do the hard bit 5 times until I could get it right twice in a row. Good job I was by myself otherwise cringworthy embarrasment might have kicked stubborn b’stard in to touch and mojo would have escaped.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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